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Facebook Launche Express WI Fi App

Facebook launched its Express Wi-Fi app recently. This latest creation of facebook provides the users with a platform to buy internet connection from local hotspots. The goal of this program is to provide high speed internet access to the users.
While describing the app and its goal, Facebook Said, “We are releasing the Express Wi-Fi app in the Google Play store to give people another simple and secure way to access fast, affordable internet through their local Express Wi-Fi hotspots”
Developing nations are at the center of this program. The app is currently available in Kenya, Nigeria, India, Indonesia and Tanzania. In developing nations, the Express Wi – Fi app receives  warm response from the  users. These hotspots are becoming the only way to connect with world via internet, for regions to whom access of internet has never been easy. Though hotspots provided by Express Wi Fi are not free, It provides the users high speed internet service at a very low price.
The app lets users buy internet packs and gives them access to  high speed internet via hotspots. The app notifies the users about Wi Fi zones and helps them find the nearest one by providing location on map. Once connected to the Wi Fi through the app, users can go to any website, watch videos and download music. The Express Wi Fi has been available in some countries from last year. However, previously users were required to download the app from telecom operators. Now the process of downloading app become more smother, easier and secure.
The app allows businesses to tie up with Facebook for developing hotspots in local area. With the help of local Hotspot providers, Facebook weaving the net of internet in every part of developing nations. Developing nations are evolving as the biggest market for Facebook. The internet access is important to grab the opportunity. Keeping this in mind, Facebook has stepped in to provide the high speed internet access to users.