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FA Solutions: A Leader in Wealth Management Solution

Wealth management—in the current techno-revolution era—has become a complex process. From an affluent individual and industry’s perspective, wealth management is the science of solving or enhancing financial situation with better transparency, higher efficiency, and reduction in the cost of consultation. FA Solutions, standing for Financial Advantage, is at the extreme vertical in wealth management and financial solution software providers in the world.
FA Solutions began its journey to be a leader in wealth management solution — with building many kinds of technical solutions for some reputed Banks and Financial Institutions. The company put its first step in the complex world of wealth management in 1999 from Helsinki, Finland. Later in 2008, FA Solutions made its debut in the field of Software as a Service (SaaS) business with a vision of making the complex financial business into an easier process for clients in both buy and sell side of the industry. In partnership with FA Solutions, the asset managers, fund managers, and private bankers can concentrate on their core business without having to worry about IT.
An Experienced and Confident Trailblazer
Hannes Helenius is on the Chairman of the Board (COB) and also the Head of Sales and Partner. He has strong expertise in Asset Management, Private Banking, Stockbroking and Market Operations because of his more than 20 years of experience at managing positions. In the World Congress on Information Technology 2000 in Taipei, Mr. Helenius won the first place of Global High Tech Industry Alliance Awards by developing the first mobile stockbroking application in production in 2000. In his previous positions, Mr. Helenius has experienced business challenges for managing multiple systems in the multinational environment which made him to recommend reassessments of operations in the industry. He made his first hand-shake with FA in 2008, and since then his daily operations are the driving factors for the business growth of FA Solutions.
Ease of Doing Business with its Solutions 
With the offering of software, FA Solutions provides best practices models, helps in the setting of new business lines with its keen understanding of various business models, and often consults with its clients about their own customer relations and possibilities in a surrounding like the ‘Robo-Advisor’ business model. FA Solutions also helps its clients in eliminating complex structure of systems, better continuity planning, and implementing cost-cutting workflow automation. These factors are helping FA Solutions and its clients to stay ahead in the curve of business and regulatory needs.
Many Asset and Wealth Managers are facing a real-time challenge i.e. inclusion of IT segment to sustain their development cycle, which is irrelevant to their core business. FA Solutions put forward a solution for this problem by delivering SaaS, through which only internet browser is required to its client for running their asset management software. FA Solutions follows an agile trend of working which normally eliminates the traditional way of doing works such as costly projects, expensive long-term licenses, and heavy customizations. FA Solutions has changed the mode of working by building a single, flexible software platform that consists of modules. From these modules, a customer can choose the desired functionalities for their business and by this way its client can get a cost-efficient and customized solution for their individual needs. Software as a Service is also cost-efficient and the payment for the software is based on a monthly subscription basis, which offers a freedom to clients to extend their functionalities as per their business growth. Additionally, its clients can be a partner in technology development. FA Solutions is developing their FA Platform on a daily basis, and the latest software version is always included in the customer’s monthly subscription.
Maintaining Peace with Current Landscape and Getting Ready for the Future
According to Mr. Helenius’s foresight, the next 5 years will bring massive changes in terms of digitalization, automation, and blockchain. The power is shifting from companies to customers, also in the wealth management industry. These industry changes will require better transparency, cost decreases in terms of automation, and more advanced digital services to fulfill the increasing demands of customers. Revolution in the industry is bringing new players in the asset management field, and also overtaking the market shares from those industries which are slow in making changes.
To maintain pace with current scenario, FA Solutions is building a strong presence in the international market by growing rapidly in Europe, Middle-East, US and Asia, and staying ahead of the curve by pioneering in Wealth-Tech organizations. FA Solutions is setting the standards instead of following them by working with the ambition of bringing digitalization and automation through SaaS in wealth industry.

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