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Exusia: Clinical and Operational Healthcare Data Insights

After its incorporation in 2012, with the objective of addressing a growing gap in the data innovation and engineering space Exusia quickly became the 2nd fastest growing IT Services Company in US and an industry leader in analytics, data governance, data integration and cloud computing solutions.
Exusia was able to quickly differentiate itself in the market with cutting edge techniques to help its fortune 100 clients monetize their data. The company built systems that specialized in analyzing massive amounts of information in order to make rapid decisions, in many cases in less than a few milliseconds. These solutions initially were focused in solving problems in the financial sector by helping high net worth individuals receive more targeted products and services and by supporting banks and lenders make better decisions around credit and investments. However, in 2015, Exusia expanded its capabilities to Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences by helping clinicians make better decisions around patients and providers using predictive models and analytics.
Today, Exusia has culminated into a multinational, delivery centric firm that provides consulting and solutions to organizations facing the largest data volumes and the most complex data management requirements, while working towards Exusia’s corporate mission of changing the world through the innovative use of information.
Ground Breaking Predictive Analytics & Data Consolidation Solutions in Healthcare
Exusia’s experience and expertise has expanded from Start-ups to the Fortune 50 across global industries from Financial Services to Telecommunications, Supply Chain, Consumer Products, High Technology and most recently the Restaurant and Food Industry. Along the way, the team at Exusia has observed many common challenges, patterns and themes while successfully designing and implementing reusable core frameworks and services.
This cross-industry, global experience has uniquely qualified Exusia to bring new innovation into Healthcare. “We believe that when Healthcare organization successfully integrate data-driven insights into their operational and clinical processes the rewards can be truly game changing competitive advantage” say Exusia CEO, Trevor Silver.
“Prediction is critical to prevention in healthcare and developing sophisticated data driven models to identify individuals with elevated or increasing risks of developing chronic conditions provides care providers with the best opportunity to help patients and prevents longer term health problems that are costly to insurance organizations and difficult to treat for providers.” Since entering the healthcare space, Exusia has have built up lots of experience in helping organizations create risk-scoring models for chronic disease and proactive prevention.
Exusia and it’s clients are also looking at how electronic health records (EHR) can be improve patient care, for example how they can be used to predict patient reliability and expected gaps in clinical care schedules. This can lead to targeted actions and insights leading to improvement of provider satisfaction, reduced revenue loses and increased access to efficient care for patients.
Gaining a lot of attention nationally in the analytics space is getting ahead of the deterioration of patient health in hospitals. “While in care facilities, patients face a number of health related threats that can cause unexpected downturns in their existing clinical conditions. Analytics can help care providers pro-actively monitor patient vitals and identify symptoms prior to them progressing into infections, sepsis and kidney issues.” says Silver.
“The biggest common challenge we see amongst healthcare companies is getting the right access to the right data to the right people in large, complicated healthcare information systems.” To simplify these challenges, Exusia has built our solutions to initially target this problem and most recently the release of our Provisioning Exchange (ProvX) offering, which focuses on bridging the gap in data accessibility to data scientists, enabling our global Healthcare clients to consume, process and action massive data volumes at accelerated rates while at very manageable costs.
Whether it is building a data lake, data governance platform, big data analytics environment, data warehouse, operational data store or data mart, ProvX can significantly reduce complexity and the time to market associated to realize client’s business goals and empower strategic data centric efforts like machine learning and artificial intelligence.
The Globally Recognized Leader 
Trevor Silver is Founder and CEO of Exusia and is globally responsible for the organization’s corporate strategy, client sales and global operations. Exusia was founded in 2012 in order to empower clients to grow revenue, reduce time to market and optimize costs through the innovative use of data and analytics. Over the past 7 years, Mr. Silver has led an Exusia team that has grown the organization by a record setting 10,000%.
At the core of Exusia’s expertise is helping clients build systems that are specialized in analyzing massive amounts of information in order to make rapid decisions and in healthcare, Exusia has been fortunate enough to be selected by some of the world’s Health leaders to partner on the creation of a range of solutions which leverage analytics, predictive models, machine learning and even artificial intelligence to tackle problems around preventative patient care, clinical research, fraud waste and abuse, adherence to regulations, medical record keeping and scanning, patient process facilitation and much more.
Shaping the Journey 
According to the Exusia leadership team, their success has been attributed to maintaining a clear focus on staying true to their principals:

  • Focus on the organizations #1 asset, it’s employees, and the growth and development that is required to be successful while finding and investing in ways to scale and systemize processes to empower future leaders in the organization.
  • Being flexible and adaptive to the evolving industry challenges and trends, while maintaining a viewpoint 3- 5 years ahead of the current client needs.
  • Looking for long term strategic client relationships quality not quantity.
  • Bring differentiators to the table that accelerates and reduces risk to their clients.

The company culture and employees are critical to the organization’s success. Hiring talent with strong values first, then execution and intelligence second requires significant balance and patience. In 2014-15 and again in 2017-18 Exusia dealt with setbacks in the front office and then back office respectively related to the challenges with people and hiring. In the scenarios the company needed to revamp departments and its corporate hiring standards and processes to enhance strategic alignment to the company’s vision and client success and by pro-actively addressing this Exusia has achieved significant returns to the organization, it’s clients and employees. One integrated organization moving in a clear strategic direction in support of it’s clients has been the foundation by which Exusia plans to grown on for years to come.