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Everything You Need to Know About What to Sell on eBay

There are some product categories that can bring you a lot of money each month on eBay, while others can be on the watch list for a few months. No doubt, it can be tricky to figure out what to sell on eBay. This is the reason why it’s a good idea to choose the right product category. This is especially true when you are just beginning to sell products on eBay. You can experiment with selling different products, but you need to know what items can bring profit quickly. This article discusses everything you need to know about what to sell on eBay.

Mobile Phones and Accessories

The latest reviews indicate that mobile phones and accessories are one of the top-selling item categories. Many buyers are now looking for used phones and accessories, making it a high-demand category.

Samsung and Apple happen to be the top-selling brands when it comes to the phone’s subcategory. On the other hand, in-car holders, silicone cases, and headsets are the top-selling accessories.

If you decide to sell these products, then ensure that you place unedited images of your products that show any possible scratches. Remember that it’s fine to have a phone that has scratches or damage, but you must be honest about this from the onset. This can prevent buyers from asking for a refund once they receive a product that doesn’t correspond to the description or image in your store.

Video Games

Many buyers also like to purchase video games. These customers look for used games or vintage on eBay first because this marketplace has the largest vintage seekers community.

Some of the most popular items and brands in this category are the video games and consoles, such as Nintendo, Sony, and many more. You can also sell console accessories like controllers and attachments and video game merchandise.

Another big trend nowadays is the vintage video games of between the 1980s and 1990s. And the cyberpunk trend also tends to play a huge role when it comes to products from the 1980s that have a high demand.

Health and Beauty

Regardless of the marketplace that you decide to use, products that are in health and beauty are usually in high demand. Skincare is considered to be the beauty industry’s most significant trend. People are looking for the best skincare products that can assist them in improving their appearance and avoiding aging. eBay is a great marketplace where you can find a wide range of brands that include both well-known brands and less well-known ones.

Some of the most popular products customers are looking for are fragrances, especially for men, make-up products, soaps for bathrooms, hair care products for hair loss treatments, and skincare and anti-aging products.

With this product category, you need to place an expiration date for the product to make sure that buyers can access it. Some customers cannot be pleased with the expiration date of the product, so they may return it. Also, you need to inform your buyers about the ingredients included in the products, terms of use, and possible side effects.