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Everything You Need to Know About Social Security Appeal Attorney

Did you know that about a million people apply for Social Security Disability benefits annually?

But the harsh reality is that around 70% of the applicants get their appeal rejected by the SSA at the very initial level.

Despite working and paying regularly into the Social Security program through the small wage withholdings, many disabled workers are left struggling to pay their monthly expenses.

People are left in critical situations where paying for their medical care becomes a huge struggle. And for some, putting food on the table becomes nearly impossible.

If the SSA has denied your Social Security disability benefit, don’t lose hope!

Visit the leading SS disability attorney near you within 60 days of the denial and leave everything in their hands.

Now, before you plan on taking the assistance of an attorney, it is best to get to know what and how they are going to help you with your claim.

Let’s get started.

What Are Social Security Disability Attorneys?

SS Disability attorneys are legal professionals who specialize in assisting individuals seeking disability benefits through the Social Security Administration in the US.

They have the knowledge to deal with the complex regulations and procedures governing the application and appeals process for the SS disability insurance and Supplemental Security Income benefits.

They help clients prepare and submit their disability claims, gather relevant medical evidence, and navigate the appeals process, if necessary.

What are the Benefits of Hiring an Attorney?

Before you file your SSD claim, it is best to hire an SS disability attorney.

By filing the right application the first time, your attorney can increase your chances of getting the initial approvals. On the other hand, they reduce the time it might take to receive a determination.

In case you did not hire an attorney with your initial SSD application. Worry not; there is still time for you to hire one.

At the appeal stage of the case, your Social Security appeal attorney would help you in the following ways:

File the initial application to reflect your medical condition clearly to ensure that it should be considered a disability.

Prepare you for the questions that the administrative law judge may ask.

Make sure you meet all your appeal deadlines.

Submit medical evidence to support all the criticalities of the case.

Answer your queries and provide you with peace of mind.

Handle the process and let you focus on your health.

Appeal your claim at the administrative level or in the Federal court.

Characteristics of a Competent Social Security Appeal Attorney

Hiring a competent Social Security appeal attorney is crucial when you are facing challenges in obtaining Social Security benefits. But before hiring a social security appeal attorney, you need to make sure that the attorney you are going to hire has the qualifications and characteristics of a professional attorney. Some common characteristics of a competent Social Security appeal attorney are listed below.

A competent Social Security appeal attorney should have a specialized focus on Social Security law. This specialization ensures they stay updated on the latest developments and nuances within the field.

Experience matters significantly in Social Security disability cases. An attorney with a track record of handling and winning disability appeals brings a wealth of practical knowledge to the table.

Social Security appeal attorneys usually get paid only if they win your case. A good one makes sure you understand how they get paid from the start.

Good communication is a must in legal proceedings. A skilled appeal attorney has excellent communication skills required to explain your case well in writing and when talking to judges.

A professional Social Security appeal attorney puts you first. They want to understand your situation, your health, and the challenges you face. This helps them build a strong case that’s just for you.

Common Reasons for Social Security Claim Denials

Social Security claims can be denied for various reasons. Understanding these common reasons can help individuals prepare stronger applications and potentially avoid pitfalls in the claims process. Here are some common reasons for Social Security claim denials:

Claim denials often happen when there is no proper medical evidence. An attorney can help gather all the right medical records to make your case stronger.

When you don’t follow the prescribed treatment plans, the SSA may view this as non-compliance.

An attorney can address such issues and help during appeals.

Inconsistencies in statements provided by you, medical professionals, or other witnesses can lead to denials. An appeal attorney can work to resolve these conflicts to make a strong case.

The SSA may deny claims if they believe you can adjust to different types of work. An attorney can argue against this and provide evidence supporting that you can’t work in other jobs.

The Importance of Seeking Legal Representation Early

Hiring a professional Social Security appeal attorney early in the process increases your chances of winning. Waiting until after an initial denial may result in valuable time being lost and crucial evidence not being adequately presented. The early involvement of a SSI appeal attorney ensures a proactive approach to building a strong case from the beginning. Don’t hesitate—act promptly for a stronger claim.


In the complex landscape of Social Security disability appeals, a knowledgeable and experienced ss disability attorney can be a lifeline for individuals seeking the benefits they deserve. They help navigate the tricky parts of the law and speak for you in hearings.  If you’re denied Social Security benefits, don’t hesitate to talk to a good appeal attorney. They can increase your chances of winning your case and getting the support you need.