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Everything You Need to Know About Bonus Buy Slots

In 2019, many slot developers started integrating a new feature into their games – bonus buy. It allows players to trigger the best features without waiting. Is this shortcut worth the money? Find out in our guide.
Now, you do not have to wait until the bonus feature gets opened randomly. Today, the range of free bonus buy slots is growing. Players love the convenience of paid access, but it is not always necessary. Here is how these tools work.

The Concept of Bonus Buy

The most generous payouts in slots are secured during bonus rounds. To unlock them, gamblers need to play for a specific period. Now, you can bypass this obstacle by paying for a bonus buy. The game will take you to the bonus feature instantly.
This function first appeared a decade ago in the ‘White Rabbit’ slot. It eliminates the need to spin the reels for a long time. In the past, some players could deplete their bankroll when they chased the bonus feature organically.

What Games Can I Play?

The range includes some old hits and novelties. On one hand, classic games are now being revamped to integrate bonus buy. At the same time, developers are coming up with new titles. The niche is growing. Some of the most popular games of this kind are:

  • Fruit Party,
  • Money Train 2,
  • Sweet Bonanza,
  • San Quentin

The list is long, and you can find the best picks on Casinobrend. Game developers know that players adore this feature. As a result, it is increasingly common.

Higher Odds

This is an additional benefit of a bonus buy. These slots often have a higher RTP than the rest. The return to player ratio shows how much of your wages will return to you in the long run. In theory, this means you have higher chances of winning with a paid bonus than with an organic one.
Higher Odds

How Much Does It Cost?

The price tag of the bonus buy varies. On average, it costs between 50 and 100 times your stake. On the San Quentin xWays slot, the feature will cost you 2000x your bet, which is an exception. Compare the cost of the bonus buy with your potential winnings from the round.

Is There a Catch?

The bonus feature in a slot could be your gateway to the largest payouts. However, buying access may not be that useful after all. If you have to pay 100 x your wager, but the payout is smaller, this is technically a loss. Yet, it will be disguised as a win with all the celebratory features like sound effects and flashing lights. Gamblers should be aware of this trick. Choose your bonus buy slots wisely.

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