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Evelina Lavrova | Founder & CEO | Decrypto PR

Evelina Lavrova: Helping Startups Grow and Evolve

Learning certain set of skills is purposeless, unless one doesn’t put them effectively into practice. Similarly, an idea is merely a thought, until a certain action is not taken to turn it into a successful business. However, a new venture has to go through different challenges, undulating moments, and enlightening failures. One who learns from those dilemmas and moves ahead, ultimately climbs the ladder of success. Meet Evelina Lavrova, an avid entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of Decrypto PR, who exemplifies the true essence of being an entrepreneur. In an interview with Insights Success, Evelina shares her challenging journey of becoming a businesswoman.
Below are the highlights of an interview: 
Tell us about your first entrepreneurial venture: How did you come up with the idea and how did you start your business? 
I had some job interviews and realized I didn’t want to work as an employee any longer. Every job was the same. I suggested to some friends that we work together, but we didn’t find the right project. Then I decided to launch my own company. I felt that I was ready to do something new. I’m a perfectionist and when I worked with other companies, I wanted everyone else to be as well – but everybody has a different attitude. Sometimes it interfered and held me back in my goals and tasks. If people don’t want to go the same way as me, I won’t waste time.
Give a brief overview of your background and your role in DeCrypto PR? 
I’m founder & CEO of Decrypto PR, CMO of Waves World and an Expert at CV Labs – a blockchain incubator in Zug, Switzerland. Prior to that I worked for around 2 years at Waves. I was named one of the Top 10 Females in Crypto 2017 by Core Magazine. Before this I also promoted Pay-Me, Yell, Gett, and others.
What is the biggest challenge for you as a businesswoman? How do you deal with the challenges? 
To sell myself! I can easily sell other people and companies, but I’m a little bit shy when it comes to selling myself. Maybe it’s a Russian habit. Almost every day I have new challenges and try to solve new problems – it’s a long to-do list.
How do you maintain a good work-life balance? What helps you in being diligent in business? 
I work with people in different time zones. Sometimes I get requests at the weekend or on public holidays, because it’s a holiday in one country, but a workday in another. I traveled a lot during the last year. I try to combine business goals such as conferences, meetings and holidays in one trip. If I visit a new place, I try to take a few more days to visit popular landmarks and explore the city.
What is your learning experience of entrepreneurship, leadership, and guiding others? 
Managing people is not an easy process. In my experience it is better to find people with the same vision as you than to try to change ones with a different vision.
How critical is temperament to success in business, in your opinion? 
14 years ago, I broke the stereotype about the character of a sales manager. Our commercial director wanted to find an extravert Sales Director. It was a long process and took a lot of time, but without any positive results. I had joined this company a short time earlier and wasn’t the ideal candidate for the position. But finally, my persistence won out, and I became the best sales manager – I made 80% of the company’s sales. Actually, you can be successful with any temperament, but depending on the kind of person you are you might go about things in different ways.
What strategies do you undertake to make your employees resourceful? 
I have a small team, but we share the same principles so it’s very easy to work together. I think it’s important to maintain a friendly and comfortable environment.
What are some of the vital attributes, in your opinion, that every leader should possess? 
Determination, persistence, and confidence.
What advice would you like to give for other young women who would like to start their own business? 
Try to practice your entrepreneurial skills step by step. In modern life practice is much more important than education, and especially so in business. You will always hear a lot of criticism. Stay confident and keep going.