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Estech Systems: The Most Integrated Cloud PBX in the Market

Today, all Unified communications (UC) vendors endlessly pursue packing in every feature possible, whereas Estech Systems, Inc. (ESI)  has chosen to escape the “feature rat race” and deliver feature rich solutions that are easy and intuitive to use that not only gets the job done, but also solves real business problems. Knowing that they must step back from the technology every so often and figure out if they are enabling more efficient and productive communication to their customers, ESI delivers high-performance business phone systems and cloud services that are simple, intuitive and uniquely integrated, backed by its superior technical support and available in multiple deployment models.
Founded in 1987, a privately held corporation headquartered in Plano, Texas, ESI has sold more than 350,000 systems. Through its network of Certified and Agent resellers, the company provides end-to-end communication solutions that give businesses the power to choose the features they want and need.
Services Offered by ESI
ESI solutions have been a cornerstone of communications for over 29 years, offering both Cloud services and On-Premise based PBX solutions enabling customer to choose based on business requirements.
The ESI eCloud PBX solution takes the complexity out of unified communications, allowing businesses to take advantage of the benefits of cloud communications, plus all the robust features needed to boost efficiency and control costs. Its intuitive interface and Web-based dashboard works seamlessly with ESI ePhones offering real-time visibility into real-time communications. It delivers fully integrated, state-of-the-art features that perfectly complement easy to use, basic functions for an unmatched user experience.
Innovative ESI ePhone Portfolio
ESI is revolutionizing business communications by delivering big business features with a familiar smartphone experience as an integral part to the eCloudPBX. For instance, the ESI ePhone7 is an integral part of the ESI eCloud PBX solution. It combines the critical features of a business phone–like call transfer, park, conference, page and call forward–with the user experience of a mobile device. Designed specifically to enhance workplace efficiency and productivity, ESI maximized the benefits of the cloud by prioritizing the simplicity of use and the intuitive communication experience users have come to expect.
The ePhone7 is ideal for managers, executives and all employees who rely on quick access to personal business contacts and co-workers. Users can quickly create Favorites lists or view company Groups/Departments and forego the complex speed dial or DSS key programming.
If your looking for a more traditional business phone, the ESI ePhone4 is ideal for active business phone users. Its 4” color display and 36 programmable feature keys help users achieve maximum productivity. It is a high-definition handset and its full duplex speakerphone provide crisp, clear communication and extension statuses on its display make the user more efficient at communication with coworkers.
Leader leading ESI to the Pinnacle
George Platt, CEO and President, Estech Systems, has more than 30 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. During his 14-year career at Intervoice, Platt gained extensive experience in reseller channel distribution and VAR development. In his last position at Intervoice, Platt was Senior Vice President of Global Channels and Sales Operations. Platt has a strong background in product management and customer support as well as sales management, national and international channel management. Immediately before joining ESI, Platt served as Executive Vice President of WS iNet, a call center hosting company.
Platt’s first job out of college was to sell small business phone systems to small to medium businesses, and he has been in the communications space ever since. ESI presented an opportunity to run a small to medium business Communications Company that aligned perfectly with his past experiences and passion for unified communications.
Platt joined ESI in 2011 as President/Chief Operating Officer, and was promoted in 2014 to his current position.
Platt as an Entrepreneur
As an optimistic person Platt sees hope all around. He believes that there are always opportunities to do things better. Platt knows that they are a small, nimble and focused company so they can move quickly in different directions. He is concerned that some in their industry over promise and under deliver. He knows that he must remain focused on the goal of providing better and more effective communication tools to customers. “We should not get enamored by the next best technology if it does not make the customer experience better,” adds Platt.
While giving an advice to young entrepreneurs, Platt asserts, “Keep it simple and remember what problems you are trying to solve. Overloading a new product with features that are hard to explain, sell, implement and use is not the right answer. Put yourself in the shoes of your average user and try to divorce yourself from what you already know to help you determine if your product is easy and intuitive to use. This is not easy, but it is something that will put any entrepreneur on the path to success.”
Assuring Future of ESI
With the leadership of Platt, ESI stands out from the pack in its commitment to simplicity. They strongly believe that businesses don’t need “everything but the kitchen sink”; they need a sensible, straightforward solution that fits seamlessly into daily operations and empowers them to focus on growing their business.
Promising to continue their work with more proficiency, Platt asserts, “We are going to continue to provide the UC market with uniquely featured and integrated products that are easy and intuitive to use and support. We will continue to work with our channels to bring our products to market and we will provide exceptional support to our customers and partners. This is what has helped us to succeed for 29 years and will drive us forward for the next 29 years.”