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eStar Software: Uplifting the Business Software to the Newest HR Technology

The need and benefits of technology is a clear field of vision to most of us around the world. The time is no longer when technology can only be understood by the so-called intellectuals. In today’s world, we all can access mobile apps to attain all the basic requirements; connecting with friends on social media networks and paying the bills by accessing the vendor apps. The benefits of technology have lacked into the grass root level and thus it crosses the benefits of the HR technology as well. In today’s time, companies desire to have HR Software for their regular management of employees and even, employee’s demand the senior management to implement HR Management Software in the organization which helps the employee to focus on their work instead of worrying of about activities which are not their KRA.
One such company named eStar Software Solution is a B2B software provider who provides business software via Single Solution that help clients to get better return on Investment. The company has successfully introduced traditional software methodology to the development process via which eStar is delivering robust solutions for their clients quickly and efficiently. The company respects the deadlines, and also understands the budgets and stand by everything that they develop by self-working.
It continues to develop and explore the opportunities in business fields and also keep providing Business Software Products which will help them to improve their Business Productivity and Employee Satisfaction. The HR System has been well recognized as the best in terms of Software Throughput, Ease of Usage, and Customer Service.
There are few companies which are providing similar software but is either lacking to satisfy the customer needs or have created a legacy system 20 years back and are still selling them without upgrading to current technology trends pricing the software at such a high price that it is not affordable to implement it in many business houses. This is how eStar becomes the savior and deliver software to their clients. The company confidently understands the business and the working capital that help the customers with the end to end implementation of the software in the business. The idea of creating a company as per Vineet More, Founder and CEO was to help all the business house to use the software despite their revenue and leverage the power of technology to have better growth for their business.
eStar as an established firm has maintained excellent goodwill with a high degree of quality control and commitment to the business. The company also has a ranking of a highly qualified professional who delivers the product with utmost satisfaction for their clients.
The One who Initiated eStar Software
Vineet holds an impressive experience with more than 10 years in the IT field and has vast knowledge on business verticals in the field of Hospitality, Retail, Consulting, and Banking. Prior to eStar, Vineet contributed his employment with TCS where he has worked for reputed clients in all the business verticals and also handled large-scale enterprise products.
The vision of initiating the company, he came across with an idea to provide a software solution to clients who can help them to leverage the power of technology thus resulting in Increase in Business Revenue and Productivity.
Promising Services of eStar Software
eStar is an absolute B2B software solution provider that has focused on developing the in-house products. They have also developed products like CRM, HRMS, Finance Management, Inventory Management and Asset Management Software. eStar Software work as an IT Consultants for their clients where they develop their services of clients in any kind of software development as per the requirements. The company service section includes any kind of IT development which can initiate from Mobile Application Development, any kind of Customized Software Development on both desktop and web. As the company act as one-stop IT solution provider for their clients starting from requirement gathering till marketing, they believe to be different from their competitors. They do not work on the vendor to client relationship. Instead, the company works with their clients as the company delivers the IT partner for long-term benefits for their clients.
Reloading the Baggage of Motivation
Key attributes which help us to overcome challenges are as mentioned below:

  • Clarity of vision motivates them for offering to their clients and delivers how they are different from any other IT company.
  • Professional Ethics and Commitment- the Company is a team of professional and they always work with their clients by giving their professional commitment. They stand firm on what they deliver and also ensure that all the activities that the company has performed as per deadlines and within the budget of their clients.

Challenges Faced by eStar in the Business Days
With the continuous expansion of technology; being a complete tech-based company, they need to make sure that eStar software also upgrades themselves with the current trends. As the company highly believes that they are different from their competitors as they do not go by the slogan of Develop once and Sell as many times. eStar Software is in continuous seek of looking at how they can keep on the upgrading their software technology stack and developing their products with current technology trends so that what they deliver to their clients is with the latest technology and not something of the past old generation of technology.
Future Executions of eStar
eStar Software will keep clasping for some thrilling opportunities in business software segment as well as in the consulting segment to provide the technological solution to their happy clients with the best interest and will also develop their services for the clients with past industry experience on how one should proceed with the work.

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