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Taras Machyshyn | CEO & Co-founder | EspoCRM

EspoCRM: Helping Clients in Increase Profitability

With the growing usage of internet, every business nowadays is looking to automate their business processes and operations. So, born Ukraine based open source web application EspoCRM. The company’s cloud-hosted solution provides its clients with pre-installed and configured server software.
In an interview with Insights Success, the spokesperson of EspoCRM has shared few valuable insights, which has helped to shape the company’s path breaking CRM solution.
Below are the highlights of the interview between Insights Success and the EspoCRM’s spokesperson;
Kindly take us through a detailed overview of the company. 
Founded in 2014, EspoCRM is an open-source web application that offers a wide range of various functionalities to small and medium-size businesses. Being currently utilized by more than 50 000 satisfied companies and organizations throughout the globe, the platform is one of the most intuitive, easy-to-use and affordable solutions in the modern market.
The ultimate aim of the software is empowering your sales and support teams with features that help to boost business performance and efficacy. It assists companies in systematizing customer data, provides powerful tools for analytics and reporting, and substantially automates business processes they deal with.
Could you throw some light on your mission and vision statement? 
When the company was founded right back in 2011, we had a simple though revolutionary idea. We wanted to create CRM software that will be flexible and adaptable to the requirements of any business without the need for coding. Having analyzed the trends and demands of the market, we have started a complicated development process and after years of hard work, we released the first version of EspoCRM. Nowadays, we are proud to acknowledge that our software is a perfect, cost-effective and fully adjustable solution for the company of any type, size or budget.
How do you diversify your company’s offerings to appeal the target audience? 
EspoCRM can satisfy the requirements of both small and large companies. Start-ups with a limited budget can start with a free version encompassing all the necessary functions, while large-scale enterprises may extend the standard set of features by purchasing additional extensions. Apart from that, any company can customize the system to fit its specific needs by configuring layouts for different views, changing application labels and message templates, creating new and modifying the existing fields or entities. Furthermore, the software can also be easily integrated with third-party solutions via open API, which helps to automate the data sync process and eliminates the risks of data loss.
What innovative measures has EspoCRM undertaken to stay ahead of its competition? 
EspoCRM can make boast of plenitude and variety of features developed both for ordinary users and developers. It offers a lot of effective extensions including BPM and Workflows, advanced reporting, Google, Outlook and MailChimp integrations, etc.
However, we understand how crucial it is to respond quickly to the needs of the business environment. Believing that perfection knows no limits, we are constantly monitoring trends and tendencies of the modern business market in order to incorporate them into our product.
How EspoCRM is upgrading itself with the volatile technological advancement in order to offer disruptive products or services? 
Taking into consideration the demands of the ever-changing marketplace, we invest a lot of time and resources into upgrading and developing features for EspoCRM. In the modern fast-paced world, the performance of the software often takes precedence over the other factors. Due to this, we have implemented the leading technologies to increase the system’s performance by several times. Another point that we take pride in is our simple and intuitive interface that allows a new user to start utilizing the software without previous training once the installation is over.
Being a leading CRM solution provider, what has been the company’s contribution in this ever-evolving sector? 
EspoCRM provides small and medium-size businesses with the opportunity to build a strong company with a sound investment. For large companies, the software can serve as a powerful tool for managing company’s business processes.
Having created an advanced solution, we make complex functionality more accessible and provide a premium product either at an affordable price or free of charge.
Describe the experiences, achievements or lessons learn that has shaped the journey of the company. 
Possessing almost ten-year experience, we have understood that in order to build a strong and successful company, one requires plenty of components: hard work, experience, knowledge and the courage of risk-taking. Another, perhaps the most essential, constituent is the cohesiveness of the team, the bonds that pull people towards the common aim. Only having all these “ingredients” mixed, you will succeed.
Kindly highlight the company’s future endeavours. And how it is planning to expand globally? 
In the long run, our principal goal is to evolve the system to meet its extensive roadmap and support the industry needs. We are planning to offer our customers more business process automation capabilities that will aid them in improving the efficiency and performance of their companies.
About the Leader 
The platform is being continuously developed under the leadership and guidance of Taras Machyshyn, the company’s CEO and Co-founder. He has worked for over 11 years as a software developer. Possessing an enormous amount of invaluable experience in the field of business software, Taras is actively involved in the process of code development, implementation of new ideas and customer communication. He believes that a handy CRM solution can aid any business in improving customer experience and building enduring relationships with clients.