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Pini Yakuel | Co-founder & CEO | Optimove

Optimove: The Science-First Relationship Marketing Hub

Optimove’s mission is to help marketers drive measurable growth by autonomously transforming customer data into actionable insights. The company’s unique technology suite enables the smart orchestration, measurement and optimization of highly personalized multi-channel campaigns, at scale, resulting in improved customer experience, retention and lifetime value. Optimove is used by hundreds of leading brands of all sizes, including Staples, Deezer, GVC, Family Dollar, Groupe Dynamite, Paper Source and Sweaty Betty. Optimove employs over 250 people in its United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, and Israel offices.
The company was founded and operated as a bootstrap company from 2009 to 2016, when it received 20M in growth funding. Optimove generated growth and profit from the day of its inception to present day, thanks to its smart and talented employees who continuously raise the bar on innovation and solutions. As a company, Optimove is proud to have been included in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for the past few years, and in the Forrester’s Wave for the first time in 2019.
Helping Clients Gain Insight 
Optimove aims to help its clients understand their customers, while using advanced predictive analytics models to foresee trends and behavior. As a company, Optimove practices what it preaches. The organization is constantly evolving and developing in order to offer its clients the best technological solutions for their marketing needs. Optimove is a company that thrives on learning and perceives every employee to be both a teacher and a student. That part of Optimove’s DNA is translated into its constant quest for better, faster solutions, developing stronger relationships, and creating new products to assist its clients.
The Knight 
Pini Yakuel- founded Optimove in 2009 and has led the company, as its CEO, since its inception. With two decades of experience in analytics-driven customer marketing, business consulting and sales, he is the driving force behind Optimove. His passion for innovative and empowering technologies is what keeps Optimove ahead of the curve. He holds an MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management from Tel Aviv University.
Always Ahead of the Curve 
Optimove prides itself on innovation. A most obvious example would be the Self-Optimizing Journeys that maximize customer lifetime value by autonomously identifying all the campaigns a customer is eligible for, evaluating all journey possibilities, probabilities and potential gains, and serving the next-best-action for each. Another example is Optimove’s database infrastructure, enabling brands to access their always up-to-date unified customer data, share it with internal systems and teams, include it in proprietary models, and use it to create bespoke customer attributes.
Aiming to Innovate 
Optimove constantly aims to upgrade its own technology and products, as well as its own service. In that respect, the company harnesses the power of AI and Machine Learning for Self-Optimizing Journeys, in which the customer’s journey is virtually managed. This means that prioritizing campaigns in marketing is no longer a complex issue. It’s a nonissue.
In terms of upgrading Optimove’s level of service, it has initiated migration of its data integration, transformation and sharing processes to Snowflake’s Cloud Data Warehouse. Combining Optimove’s sophisticated data calculations and transformations with Snowflake’s scalable cloud-based infrastructure, will provide Optimove users with faster, direct access to their single-customer-views and predictive analytics.
Empowering Clients 
The Optimove software orchestrates the automated execution of all pre-scheduled and activity-triggered customer communications, over a wide range of marketing channels, putting a true multi-channel personalization powerhouse at the tips of marketers’ fingers. The Optimove relationship marketing hub empowers marketers to target, manage and refine hundreds of granular, homogeneous customer segments, increasing customer satisfaction and engagement – and maximizing customer lifetime value.
When Global Expansion is Just a Matter of Time 
In recent months, Optimove has penetrated APAC, opening a Singapore office and employing representatives in India. Optimove has multiple clients in the region, for whom it aims to provide fast and effective means to increase their growth. The company is also strengthening support for additional verticals.