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ePROMIS Solutions: Embarking Resilience in Business

Technology has played a major role in the overall development of various industries and the construction industry is not an exception for this technological development. Over the years, the techniques used in the construction have evolved remarkably. Construction Technology came into play, when the process of making buildings and other structures became complicated. Currently, it is reaching new pinnacles of innovation every day. Along with rapid growth in this sector, the demand for construction technology solutions has increased.
ePROMIS is one of the leading solution providers in construction technology. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, the company provides a comprehensive range of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions to various industries including construction and engineering, real estate, manufacturing, logistics, supply chain, oil, and gas.
ePROMIS differentiates itself from the rest by offering product development & innovation that are based on real-life scenarios standing at the customer’s side. Innovation, product differentiation, service and support are the key differentiating factors of the company.
Offering Diversity 
ePROMIS offers various services to various industries. ePROMIS Construction ERP is one such software application which is specific to the construction and engineering industry. The system automates key processes of an organization that enables them to minimize costs and optimize resources without compromising quality. In addition to construction industry specific modules and systems, ePROMIS construction ERP also offers various functionalities including real time information, electronic approvals, business intelligence and analytics, mobile apps, document management system, document attachment system, cloud deployment, and audit trail system.
ePROMIS Construction ERP solutions are available in various editions including ePROMIS Lite, which is ERP software for small and growing construction organizations, ePROMIS Innovate, which is the ERP solution for medium-sized organizations, and ePROMIS Enterprise, which is for larger organizations.
ePROMIS Construction ERP solutions are available in various editions including ePROMIS Lite, which is ERP software for small and growing construction organizations, ePROMIS Innovate, which is the ERP solution for medium-sized organizations, and ePROMIS Enterprise, which is for larger organizations.
A leaders Tale
Mathews Mathew is the CEO and the Managing Director of ePROMIS Solutions. He studied Master of Science from Annamalai University. He has possessed various skills including business intelligence and business process. He also holds industry knowledge in business development, system administration, marketing strategy, international trade and entrepreneurship. At the initial stage of his journey with the company, Mathews countered few challenges while implementing automation. While elaborating challenges he said, “In the early days, hardware was expensive and employees were comfortable with manual business processes. The initial challenges included educating businesses the need for automating businesses processes.” He also added, “When we entered the construction sector as a software provider the industry was booming. But standardizing business processes at construction companies was a significant challenge due to high dependency on manual processes and the organizational specific requirements. On top of that, the construction industry was very slow in adopting enterprise software compared to other sectors. We faced this challenge by incorporating industry specific global best practices with the organizational specific requirements. That approach succeeded in gaining trust and within a decade ePROMIS became the backbone of many leading construction companies.”
Evolving towards Excellence
ePROMIS initiated as a start-up company in the year 1981 with an objective to automate the basic accounting processes for companies. The company had first mover advantage as it entered the software business when only a few of the companies understood the need for automating their business processes. The company established as a reliable brand for DOS-based accounting solutions in Texas by the mid-80s. After desktop PCs became widespread in the business world, ePROMIS expanded its horizon to markets outside the USA.
In the early 90’s, with the construction industry booming due to the strong economic growth, ePROMIS realized the potential and opportunities in the construction sector and decided to come up with a solution to automate key construction project management processes. Currently, the company has over a million ERP users across the globe. Since its inception, ePROMIS Solutions has grown over 500 percent and had offices in 15 countries, including the USA, Canada, UK, UAE, Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore.
Efficiency is the Key 
Due to the competition in the market, the companies focus on faster project completion. ePROMIS Construction ERP is a purpose-built software solution to help organizations in the construction sector position themselves for opportunities. The system comprises financial, procure to pay, inventory, project, and job costing, plant, human capital management, and customer relationship management modules to automate key processes of the construction business.
ePROMIS is a fully integrated enterprise resource planning system. With centralized data and processes, ePROMIS ERP helps organizations to balance profitability and services delivery, deliver construction projects on time within the budget, and avoid revenue loss due to inappropriate staffing and resource allocation.
Innovation is Future 
ePROMIS is currently working on various innovation strategies including internal development, customer and partner co-innovation, and acquisitions. The company has a vision for the year 2025, under which the current investments including cloud computing, block chain technologies, big data and enterprise mobility are based. One of the most significant concerns with cloud, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), and enterprise mobility has always been security, and it remains a significant priority for investments in the future. ePROMIS’s innovation lab is also working on the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence in business, i.e., AI-enabled ERP solutions, which will reshape the entire ERP software ecosystem and transform business processes and productivity benchmarks.
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