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Epicor: A Visionary ERP Vendor

Epicor has more than 40 years of experience in delivering innovative and inspiring business software solutions. Today, thousands of customers in 150 countries around the world rely on the expertise of Epicor and its solutions to improve performance and profitability. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with operations in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. Epicor has approximately 3,800 employees worldwide.
The vast majority of Epicor solutions are characterized as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions; ERP typically a suite of integrated applications—that organizations use to collect, store, manage and interpret data from many business activities, from planning, costing, manufacturing, service delivery, and financial management. It’s essentially the enterprise backbone that runs and drives the business.
Making Business Software More Accessible and Approachable 
Epicor has been extremely proactive in making business software more accessible and more approachable—making it more intuitive to use and able to support collaboration and mobility out-of-the-box. The Epicor brand has evolved over the company’s history, and its customer-obsession has never been stronger than it is today. As a company, Epicor is committed to putting the customer first in everything they do. The Epicor brand has been shaped by every customers’ journey, drawing inspiration from the success and growth achieved by customers leveraging Epicor solutions, services and support. In fact, growth is at the heart of the Epicor brand. “Grow Business, Not Software.”
A Passionate Leader
Joe Cowan has served in the CEO role six times in his career and as Epicor President and CEO since 2013. Under Cowan’s leadership, the company was acquired by global private equity firm KKR in July 2016. Cowan has been a driving force in Epicor’s transition to a cloud company.
Cowan commands more than 20 years of executive management experience in the software and technology industry to Epicor. Prior to joining Epicor, Cowan was Chief Executive Officer and President of Online Resources Corporation, a leading provider of internet banking, bill payment and electronic finance services to financial institutions. Previously, he served as CEO of Interwoven, Inc., a global leader in enterprise content management software, until its acquisition by Autonomy in 2009.
Proud Owner of Deep Domain-rich Knowledge
Epicor provides flexible, industry-specific software designed around the needs of manufacturing, distribution, retail, and service industry customers. Solutions include Epicor Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Human Capital Management (HCM), Financial Management, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Retail Management and Point of Sale (POS), and Supply Chain Management (SCM). The fact that Epicor focuses on key verticals and on midmarket companies ($50 million to $500 million in size) is unique in the industry. The midmarket segment is ripe for transformation as new cloud-based and mobile technologies are leveling the playing field, making ERP much more affordable and quickly deployable. Epicor takes great pride in its deep domain-rich knowledge that allows the company to truly understand customers’ business challenges and help them grow.
Committed to Giving Customers Exceptional Choice in Deployment
Epicor is committed to giving customers exceptional choice in deployment—on-premises, hosted or in a single, multi, or dedicated tenancy SaaS model. This hybrid deployment model is unique via one common code base, something no other ERP vendor can offer today. From a customer perspective, this provides assurance that Epicor will support their move to the cloud whenever they are ready—according to their timeline, as opposed to the vendor’s timeline.
Epicor has played a key role in the growth of ceiling fan producer, Big Ass Solutions, helping the company simplify operations, reduce complexity, and gain visibility across its global supply chain. With Epicor as its ERP provider, the company has grown since 2008 at a rate of about 30% a year every single year by seamlessly connecting its global manufacturing operations. Now, 10 years later, Epicor ERP has helped Big Ass Solutions grow into a $300 million company. These are the everyday kinds of business success stories Epicor is proud to be a part of.
On A Growth Path Since Beginning 
Growth—keeping up with customer and market demands and staying ahead of competitors—is a top business objective. Epicor knows the growth path very well. The company has grown from a $140 million company to a nearly $1 billion company in less than 15 years. They know that with growth comes new challenges—the need to combat increasing business complexity, minimize growing pains, and maximize the opportunity for success. Many organizations struggle with their global go-to-market plans due to legacy business platforms that are unable to scale to meet the demands of growth. Global growth requires highly extensible business platforms that are agile and can constantly evolve to meet the unique needs and requirements of different markets, along with the necessary general functionality and operational visibility.
Committed to Delivering the Right Solutions 
Epicor is committed to delivering the right solutions, services and support to transform processes, and free up resources so customers can profitably grow their business. Organizations are no longer buying “software,” they are buying the ability to run, grow and thrive in the always-on business environment. While Epicor still offers their software on premises, more and more of their customer base is moving to the cloud; the company has seen a 71 percent year-over-year increase in total cloud users. As well they also recently announced their “cloud-first” strategy for the Asian market and the Middle East.
In support of this shift, Epicor has established its India Technology Center in Bengaluru to tap a growing talent pool to support technology development and speed time-tomarket. This is just one element of the company’s extensive infrastructure investment to “make the company a better business to do business with.” “This commitment is in line with Epicor’s mantra that to be a great partner, we need to make things simple, easy, and low-risk for our customers—in how they access and upgrade the software and in their interactions with Epicor as a company,” shares Joe.
Delivering Innovative and Inspiring Software Solutions
Top industry analysts such as Gartner have named Epicor a “Visionary” ERP vendor; and Epicor has been recognized for the strength of its technology solutions through numerous industry awards. Most recently Epicor was named the top ERP vendor in terms of market share, cost, functionality and implementation time by Panorama Consulting. The pace of change has increased, competition has intensified, and business models have been disrupted. In this challenging business environment, it is not good enough to maintain the status quo. Organizations must do things differently to survive and thrive.
Bringing New Capabilities to the Market
Epicor is helping these organizations position themselves to lead and grow. The company’s latest version of its powerful Epicor ERP solution features new capabilities to empower organizations in growth and transformation with powerful cloud-based analytics, leading enterprise content management capabilities, and expanded support for international finance and compliance requirements. Epicor is committed to bringing new capabilities to market to address new requirements go beyond driving transactions to make sense of business data quickly to understand and act on the greatest opportunities and threats to growth and profitability.

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