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Eperformance: Offering Specialized Web-Centric Applications

Based out of Canada, and serving Canada and US markets, Eperformance is an IT firm specializing in web-centric applications for electronic service delivery within the public sector. Essentially, Eperformance is a software firm looking to find the intersection government workers and cutting-edge technology and to further amalgamate these two key factors to measurably improve government services to citizens.
Eperformance assists public sector organizations and associations in the design and deployment of Enterprise and Cloud solutions that focus on creating business value. Eperformance brings world- class software products to an international client base. For the past nearly 20 years, the company has focused on Microsoft Technologies, specifically Dynamics 365 and have developed a number of solutions with it designed to help government grants, contracts, and online form intake management.
Exclusive Solutions and Services
Our solutions meet the modern digital, scalable and enterprise requirements and profile common to the public sector and really large enterprise needs overall. I think where we differ is we take pride in packaging our products with cutting edge non-technical approaches to skills development and knowledge transfer services that help our clients prepare their staff for a level of technology and methodology that they can practically bear. Our products come with a an enterprise strategy that capitalizes on the intersect of a continuum of technology and the continuum of people in an organization two forces that must be married to successfully use and implement new technologies”, says Devin Murphy, Director of Products. The core solutions offered by the company are mentioned below:
Grant+ software accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a library of software grant management services that, once configured, empowers a public sector organization to manage grants and contributions programs efficiently, bringing the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to the granting professional.
Contract+ is a software accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics 365 that enables public sector organizations to configure and manage the contracts management and CLM processes quickly and efficiently. Contract+ brings the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to the contract professional.
Intake+ is a software solution component that extends Microsoft Dynamics 365 with a public facing online submission form service for clients. With this service, clients can securely register and conduct business through online forms that interact with public sector organization’s programs and services.
The Dynamic Founder and CEO
The CEO and Founder, Eric Alain has been at the forefront of electronic service delivery for over 30 years in the public sector, a classy and sophisticated entrepreneur. He’s been leading and solving the challenge of making government integrate and innovate successfully for years helping shape a number of the ideas around digital presence and customer experience the company now uses as citizens every day in the US and Canada in particular.
Eric leads by example with a driven work ethic and a vision for better services in the government. A key aspect of the work environment is its tongue in cheek nature, this leadership has defined an official motto: we don’t take ourselves seriously, we take the work we do for others seriously and this comes out in the collaboration we have with our clients and the quality of the work we deliver on. He has made it fun to work as part of an elite team of IT specialists – a place often riddled with high stress and pressure in our industry.
Eric has a very open and accessible nature about him – if there is a modern open door policy – he’s living it! He’s listening to anyone in the organization regardless of their background, the challenge isn’t getting him to listen, sometimes the staff is just taken back by how real and instant their feedback can turn into action for the company. He makes a point of honoring and celebrating the staff that brings these achievements to the company as well.
Eric might also be a living example of integrity in that, his strong reputation is built on as much from what he does out in the open as what he does when no one is looking.
Work Culture at Eperformance
The Eperformance culture is very focused on working as one big team, in the company when someone shares their point of view or personal milestones they do it publicly through the forums and technology of their own volition and all celebrate with them – the number of graduations, new home purchases, marriages and children celebrated over the last year has been numerous. The employees all care for one another and these activities are encouraged and when possible, management lets these celebrations take the center stage of the company.
Special Benefits for Employee
Several training programs are offered for the staff in the organization throughout the year. In terms of office conduct, the office has an open workplace for staff to express themselves and a low tolerance for intolerance.
Eperformance builds teams that work well together and cross- functionally, it looks at how staff can integrate to the whole company culture and it’s a factor that can get someone filtered out of the hiring process quickly if it doesn’t believe they’ll have an environment they can thrive in.
This is important that we take the livelihoods of anyone working for us really seriously, their job provides a place where they spend often over half of their time awake during the week Monday-Friday and supplies an income for their livelihoods and families, this isn’t something to be taken for granted and we really keep this reality at the heart of our management of the company”, proclaims Eric.
The Future Roadmap
Keeping in step with a rapidly evolving digital world, Eperformance is increasing its focus on tools that allow its clients to create a better public-facing digital experience for their clients. The company is also focused on developing practical digital features with AI and “machine learning” to further improve the digital experience. Through this capability, its public facing government portal service products will recognize clients electronically and guide them through streamlined and intelligent information capture process to further improve a client’s digital business transaction experience.
Finally, as Government agencies adopt privacy and security policies for the Cloud, we are preparing to transition many of our clients to the Microsoft cloud … it’s an exciting time!”, concludes the CEO in a bright tone.