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Eperformance Inc.: Harbingers in the Enterprise Cloud Solutions

Nearly a decade ago, cloud computing took the Global IT Industry by storm. Since then, the cloud solutions have fundamentally changed the way several industries across diverse sectors operate. It’s still a buzzword in the Industry. Enterprise Cloud Solutions possess huge operational potential as they deliver integrated set of IT solutions which are highly scalable, cost-effective (pay-per-use model), agile, increase efficiency and effectiveness. It offers streamlined collaboration, the speed of connectivity and lowers the IT complexity for an organization.
Tech giants like Microsoft offers intelligent enterprise cloud solution platform by partnering with cloud service providers which offer wide-ranging products and solutions, to streamline and automate the end-to-end business processes. Eperformance Inc. is regarded as a trusted expert in Microsoft enterprise cloud solutions, specially designed for public sector organizations.
An Organization on a Mission to Deliver Excellence
Eperformance Inc. was incepted in the year 2001; with the motto to deliver excellent enterprise cloud solutions in public sector domain.
The organization is a leading edge technology solution provider, focused on secure, compliant portals, Enterprise CRM (Dynamics) as well as Grants and Contributions. Since initiation, it has been focused on the public sector, providing best practices and automated solutions to the government for the purpose of modernizing and streamlining government service delivery operations.
Solutions that Deliver Business Value
Public sector undertakings and associations in any country perform huge administrative operations on a day-to-day basis. However, these organizations are not at par with private sector companies in terms of technological advancements, productivity and efficiency of work.
Eperformance offers a portfolio of wide-range of solutions and services to cater the public sector organizations and associations in the design and deployment of Enterprise solutions that focus on creating business value. The latest solutions offered by the company include iGrant, iContract, and CRM Government Client Portal.
iGrant™Grants and contributions are funding programs from Employment and Social Development, Canada. iGrant enhances the capability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which provides a library of software grant management services that, once configured, empowers your organization to manage grants and contributions program efficiently. It leverages the CRM to its fullest potential.
iContract™ is a software accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, that enables an organization to configure and manage the contracting process quickly and efficiently. It is loaded with several features, for instance, the software reduces the time and cost of contract processing and enables vendor tracking and management to reduce contracting risk. With the regular version releases the company ensures that the contracting solution is up-to-date with technology advances.
CRM Government Client Portal- If the organization wants to automate the business operations with the smooth exchange of information, avoid paperless transactions and keep the clients and stakeholders happy, this portal proves to be the best!  CRM Government Client Portal solution improves the efficiency and satisfaction of an organization by engaging its clients & stakeholders in service delivery. It also ensures that the online solution remains accessible, usable and future proof.
The Heralded Leader
Eric Alain, President and CEO, Eperformance Inc., is a multifaceted leader. Being a co-founder of Institute for Grants and Contributions Professionals, he also had his stints as President, CEO at various organizations in his career spanning over three decades.
Due to his prolific nature, Eric’s life since last ten years has revolved around developing an international practice addressing the area of Enterprise Grants Management. In his career of over thirty years, Eric specifically focused on government automation programs and development of its standards and best practices in conjunction with professional from Canada, US and Australia.
Eric, a visionary, has played an instrumental role by dedicating his efforts in assisting government organizations in the design and application of methodologies and technologies. These technologies are aimed at streamlining grants management processes through automation.
Technology is what drives Eric; he is very much active in the High Technology Community through involvement with a number of industry and government associations and special interest groups.
Leveraging MS Dynamics to its Fullest Potential
Irrespective of in what industry or sector the organization operates, automating the business processes and streamlining the operations, which delivers value to the business & its clients, is highly essential for any organization.
Eric states, “The enterprises need a solution which can offer seamlessly connected operations, deliver actionable insights for better decision making, scalable at any point of time considering the constantly changing business environments and flexible and easy to deploy.”
“I believe Dynamics CRM is a new paradigm shift in automation. It is capable of making a huge impact unlike conventional spreadsheets, or document workflows that have been in the past.”
It is a foundation tool to allow organizations to rapidly automate business processes with the solution to reduce administrative burden.
The value delivered by MS Dynamics to Eperformance’s clients and eventually to their customers has been proven time and again with their enterprise cloud solutions.
“The appropriate implementation of enterprise solutions, on much shorter timelines and reasonably less IT investment has allowed government agencies to make much use of the tax payer’s money, and to deliver solutions that focus on citizen satisfaction with government delivery services”, asserts Eric.
Forecasting the Future
Eperformance is focused on public sector domain especially in grants and contributions. It aims to transform the public sector for electronic service delivery with its web-centric solutions and applications in the future.
While sharing his thoughts on future endeavors, Eric says, “Our portals are now starting to make decisions & recommendations for government officers using enhanced analytics and algorithms to reduce risk in the granting and case management process. As these capabilities improve, you might see grants officers training systems to catch risky investments, or understand the language in applications – all types of AI enhancements that will help the right Canadians see funding over those who aren’t ready.”
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