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Nicole Farber | CEO | ENX2 Marketing

ENX2 Marketing: Delivering Exemplary Legal Marketing Services with a Personal Touch

ENX2 is an award-winning, full-service digital marketing agency located in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Specializing in marketing and web development for the legal community, the company provides services to some of the largest law firms across the country. It creates high-quality content, produce sharp website designs, and implements customized marketing strategies for the legal industry as well as several other industries.
When Personal Touch is the Key 
According to ENX2, any digital marketing company can promise and provide results. However, many clients receive a monthly or quarterly report they don’t understand; many don’t receive proactive communication from those who are doing the hands-on work and who understand the intricacies of each client’s business.
That’s not the way with ENX2 Marketing. The company believes in the personal touch. It communicates with clients quite regularly, making sure they are happy with the services provided and getting the measurable results they deserve and understand. They are catering to clients’ needs in a nimble and efficient fashion, day and night. Clients review, comprehend, and approve all of the work ENX2 does, so there is full transparency and trust. When it comes to providing various services, ENX2 provides:

  • Website Design and Development
  • Content Generation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Pay-per-Click Marketing and Paid social
  • Video Marketing, Production & Photography
  • Consulting

The Driving Force 
As the CEO of ENX2 Marketing, Nicole Farber is the main driving force of the organization. As a diligent, tireless perfectionist, Nicole learns the client’s business through and through, but also makes it a point to learn and understand the client as an individual. She has the highest standards, never asks of her team anything she doesn’t demand from herself, and selflessly gives beyond what anyone ever expects.
It is Nicole’s passion, aptitude, and never-ending work ethic that has earned her the role of being a serious and highly respected expert in the legal marketing industry. She provides advice to some of the top lawyers in the country and has met with everyone from small mom-and-pop business owners to Fortune 500 CEOs.
Back in 2018, she was the official U.S. representative at the Chambers and Partners Editors’ Reception event in Rome. She has also been recognized both locally and nationally with numerous awards and honors. And in June 2019, she was an invited speaker at the National Employment Lawyers Association (NELA) Convention in New Orleans, an event touted as the largest gathering of plaintiffs’ employment lawyers.
When Success Comes from Client’s Success 
According to ENX2, all its successes come from its clients’ successes. As an example, ENX2 was instrumental in creating the marketing campaign surrounding the Dartmouth sexual harassment case and handled an extensive marketing campaign for the Equifax class action lawsuit. ENX2 was also responsible for a major campaign shedding light on the #yalefailed fraternity discrimination case. As an organization, it welcomes such high-pressure and sensitive challenges to help the greater good and to improve itself in every way it can.
Envisioning Broadening of Service 
When it comes to the future goals, ENX2 Marketing aspires to become the premier provider of legal marketing and web development. The company also aspires to open additional offices throughout the country over the time span of next five years.
The company also envisions a broadening of service offerings to include leveraging augmented reality (AR) advertising, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in order to deliver the next level of success to its clients within the everchanging digital world.
Additionally, ENX2 is committed to social responsibilities and among many other community service efforts, provides digital marketing and development to a few nonprofits each year. The company looks forward to growing its charity efforts as the business continues to grow.
Making the Planet a Better Place 
“We’ll politely turn down business if we don’t feel we can bring it success. And, we genuinely like one another!”
With a unique and personal touch that cannot be found with other marketing agencies, ENX2 Marketing believes everything should be kept in-house, and the best results are found when a full-service and comprehensive experience is delivered to its clients. There is no outsourcing here, and each employee is an expert within a specific field. This collaboration fosters a creative environment where everyone’s voice is respected and heard. Teamwork makes the dream work!
ENX2 works very closely as a team, collaborates in openair- workspace, and even participates in team walks and team working vacation retreats. None of the employees working there feel like work is work. It is a family and one that is there for its clients’ needs around the clock.
Client Testimonials 
“Creating a website, social media platform, and overall online marketing program in today’s complex digital world is clearly a big challenge, but with ENX2 Marketing on your team, it will be done and done right.” – Jamie Moss, NewsPRos “ENX2 has taken our online presence to the next level. With a brand new website design, and revamped social media marketing strategy, we’ve gone from run of the mill to cutting edge in our digital marketing. The name ENX2 is synonymous with EXCELLENCE!” – Sean Martin, Partner, Martin Heller Potempa & Sheppard, PLLC