EntrenaYA: Assisting in Accomplishing Fitness Goals

Physical exercise essential part of our lives. We all love to have a toned physic and a healthy lifestyle. Every one of us choose various activities to keep ourselves fit; be it diets, cross fit, yoga, pilates, dance, cardio or any other gym exercise we try everything. Although essential, at some point of time, due to laziness or any of the reasons most of us stop the exercise. When asked we blame lack of guidance, temporary health issues occurred during practice or other difficulties affecting consistency. It is also an unwavering fact that sometimes pertaining to lack of guidance we choose an unsuitable type of exercise or diet which results in quitting the endeavor.
Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina, EntrenaYA is unique alternative acquisition channel for fitness centers that enable its customer to choose suitable physical exercises and suggests the best options nearby. Making it more interesting, the platform offers exciting packages and discounts across Argentina and other counties worldwide, ensuring the utmost customer satisfaction.
Reforming Health Habits
EntrenaYA was founded with a mission to improve health habits of busy workforce around the world. It has developed a platform that helps users find a suitable health activity in their near location, which plays a crucial part in improving their health. The company believes alike every industry there is a specific buying and selling pattern in the fitness industry. The potential customers are initially driven by the powerful motivation to begin the training. However, most of them quit the training before three months because of the extensive and sweating training methods. Gym owners find it difficult to retain such volatile customer base. EntrenaYA envisions addressing this issue by offering the training at customer’s convenience. Its alliances with gyms and other fitness institutions enable it to offer unequivocal discounts including first three months of personal training programs.
The company has been delivering a great service and results for both users and associated gyms and fitness centers, for last four years. Its evident success in Argentina has developed array better opportunities for the platform. In next six months the company is aiming towards a growth in Spain and Chile, and investing diligently to begin its operations in respective countries. Additionally, the company is willing to offer additional digital services for mid and large gym owners as a digital agency as it has witnessed an exponential growth as an e-commerce platform for fitness industry since its inception.
The Path Breaker 
Javier Wasserman is the Co-founder and CEO of EntrenaYA. He believes one must have vision and intuition to create something innovative. EntrenaYA is pioneer in fitness broker platforms and is considerably different from other fitness platforms online. It’s UI and even offerings are inimitably exclusive and efficient than competition. Javier asserts his unique academic credentials have been the major factor behind the platform’s distinctiveness. He has worked as software developer in several industries for the last fifteen years and has extensive tech background. However, he mentions he is skilled in several digital disciplines and perhaps specialist in none of them. Hence, he likes to mention himself as an innovator instead of tech geek. EntrenaYA was one of the first and foremost online fitness broker platforms. Today, more than thirty platforms has marked their presence and EntrenaYA has been the inspiration for them.
Work is Life! 
EntrenaYA’s both the founders, Javier Wasserman and Nicolás Cohen walked a long mile to make the company what it is today. Javier recalls during the exponential period in 2015, Javier and Nicolás had an opportunity to accelerate EntrenaYA’s growth with 500 start-ups in Mexico DF. For more than six months away from home and everything owned, they worked extensively to prove their mettle. The experience of dedicatedly working for the cause itself flowered with lifetime learning and earning. Working for the company is a sole purpose for Javier. He states he can’t imagine another way to create and live in a company which is all about them. He believes weather its coding, calling clients, strategizing for further expansions or learning something new, everything is work and this work is life.
Shaping the Future
Bringing a new business model in Argentinian market is comparatively difficult due to the excessive tax pressure and complexity. In addition, there is a very small venture capital scenario compared to other countries in this region. These two key issues make the most of the noise in the growth of disruptive startups like EntrenaYA. Thus, entrepreneurs are required to be more creative and adaptive while introducing an innovative platform or solution in Argentina. Ensuring these issues are addressed with precision, EntrenaYA has been able to attract significant number of customers in this region. The company is positively working towards its expansion plans in Chile and other South American countries. With its exclusivity and sculpted vision it will surely shape the future of new age fitness platforms.