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Entertainment-driven, Corporate, and Sports.

What is the connection between a sports event and a military display? What is the synergy between a world class show and a record breaking event? The answer lies within Event Management Organizations. Event Organizations is an active field of live communication, corporate events, public events, festivals, sports events, TV, shows and concerts and artists tour management. These companies translates creative ideas and designs into practical planning that includes staging, temporary structures, tents, sound and light equipment, video screens, power supply, machinery, and decoration.
Event Management Companies designs and visualizes a total view of the client’s stage or event and make a complete quotation of all facilities needed to translate designs into reality. The team needs to be flexible and ambitious and which ensures professional and high-quality results. It is adetail-oriented industry which minimizes the risk of errors. This field always looks for ways to improve existing products & processes and comes with up new solutions.
Corporate clients create a business event for their employees, with a festival vibe. Most of all they want to give their employees a nice experience and make them feel at ease in a casual atmosphere. Their aim is to make sure the employees came to work the next day, relaxed and happy. Often a corporate event takes place at a venue with one hall. Corporate festivals, much like regular festivals, consist of multiple areas and the look and feel is of greater importance. On top of this, corporate festivals often have a lot more diversity in the program, entertainment and activates. Same goes with other events like artists, festivals, public, and sports, TV, Shows & Concerts.
Technical productions can come with all sorts of challenges. When working across the locations is sometimes an area of concern. Unexpected problems can range from as small as delayed delivery due to traffic, to a power outage at the venue that could shut down the production for hours.
Audience engagement is the key for a successful event. The right sound is evidently important in the event industry. However, audio is not always something event organizers think of at the beginning of the event production process. Audio can actually make or break your event. In order to achieve the desired effect on the audience it is most important to make an audio plan at the start of the event production.
The event environment is completely altered with technology in a positive fun way. Technology allows connecting with an audience in many ways. Through the use of creative ideas and the right technology, you can make an event from average to outstanding. Technology and Systems are being introduced to make life of event professionals easier, from drones to VR and AR, to concierge robotics.
The event industry was thriving in 2019 and will continue to grow in 2020. Recent research on event marketing showed that entrepreneurs believe that in person events are critical components of their company’s success. To continue this, event organizers need to keep up with current trends and increase their knowledge on the newest techniques:
Live meets Online: Customers are more and more interested in bespoke events, new ideas and new ways of communicating their message. It is a vital tool to expand the audience.  For example, an event for a few social media influencers can suddenly make a small event into a huge hit with millions of online views.
Innovation: 2020 will be all about innovation. Online registration systems, interactive and live communication at events, social media incorporation, but also new usage of light, sound and special effects. With the right experts on hand, the sky is the limit. VR and AR is an also still a trend, but in the end an event is about meeting people and getting your message across in real life.
Total Experience Design: Nowadays events have to be a 360-degree experience. Only one stage, a simple backdrop, and a beamer are not enough. People expect more. So think 3D when planning next event. Make sure the audience is stimulated at all times from every direction and every corner of your venue. Using large curved video screens can be a good start. They literally embrace the audience and will contribute to this 360-degree experience. Synergy between all components of your event is crucial to create a total experience design.
Going Green: Sustainability is a hot topic, there are many to make an event eco-friendly. Recyclable name badges, use of QR codes and websites by going paperless are some ways.  To help a global green marketplace, green events are critically important to ensure sustainable development in event management by making responsible decisions during planning, organization and implementation of an event.
The event industry serves to connect people. But that connection can take many forms as in-person event, a streamed event, an archived event, etc. The point is the connection. Whether that technology is AR, VR, social media, virtual events, etc, those are critical technologies to connect people.