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Ensygnia: Enabling Retailers to Compete with Amazon

Ensygnia Ltd is a UK-based service provider company with a mission to help provide a secure environment for online transactions. The company is already working with major market leaders to help deliver innovation, trust and security into online transactions in order to boost revenue-generation. Its solution focuses on a simple user interface to smooth the customer journey and increase customer satisfaction.
The company’s vision is to make consumers’ digital lives easier and safer. Ensygnia’s
unified business solution centers on the key sales point in the customer journey – the point the marketers refer to as the ‘call-toaction’. Ensygnia’s solution makes it easier to take that action – it allows the customers to make one-touch purchases without the need for detailed form-filling and multiple checkpoints.
It can do all this while boosting the security of the transaction and reducing the risk of fraud. Of course, it gives the customer the opportunity to confirm the sale and the final price being paid, but it can make buying goods or services from almost any website simple, secure and friction-free.
Ensygnia believes companies should be able to close sales quickly, with a brilliant customer experience, best compliant security, and easiest payment method. The company’s expertise in both the security market and in mobile technology has helped to create a safe, secure mobile device transaction process with bank-grade security that users can trust. The company believes that great usability and world-class security should come hand-in-hand.
Unified Product/Services Offered for Easy and Secure Solutions 
Ensygnia’s flagship solution is called Onescan. The Onescan solution compromises a cloud-based secure platform, a mobile app, and a Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) and APIs that enable companies and webstore owners to integrate secure Onescan transactions into their customer journey. Onescan can turn a call-toaction into a sale in a matter of seconds – whether online, in-store, or on-the-go.
Ensygnia’s Onescan solution enables companies to create a truly omnichannel sales solution, allowing customers to make purchases or interact with a brand online, from printed advertising, from billboards, through store windows or within the store itself. Consumers know that Onescan gives them instant, secure transactions – whether it is to buy a product, register for a service or enter a competition – from wherever they are and whatever they are doing. Ensygnia’s solution ensures fast service, secure transactions, and a trusted consumer environment.
Foreword of the Founder/CEO 
Richard H. Harris is the Founder and CEO of Ensygnia and started the company in 2010. Since then he has been working on and implementing his ideas to make it easier and safer to buy things online – both for the consumers and the suppliers.
Richard graduated from London University in the early 90s, with a degree in Theoretical Physics and set about trying to predict and monetize industry trends through innovation. Richard’s approach has led him to generate millions in revenues for multiple companies.
With Ensygnia, his approach evolved to focus on how retailers could instantly sell anything, anywhere, anytime – and how consumers could securely buy anything, anywhere, anytime with minimum effort and total peace of mind.
Richard explains: “We create an environment where the Call-to-Action can instantly become a transaction. And it really is ANY call to action on a customer journey that we can facilitate. It can be as focused or as multi-layered as our business customers require – for the consumer it stays simple and is delivered instantly and securely by Onescan. per their need. Our customer’s prospective business will only be limited by their imagination.”
He added: “Whether consumers are buying a product, registering or transferring information, entering a competition, completing a survey, filling in and registering a warranty card or just proving their identity online – the same, simple Onescan process can deliver all of these transactions instantly and securely from any location.”
In his spare time, Richard enjoys Ceroc and scuba diving, is a campaigner for the rights of vulnerable adults and mental health issues when possible, working with Mental Health Research UK.
An Enlightening Journey 
Ensygnia was established in 2010, and its services are covered by a range of international patents covering the payment and interaction processes including the scanning of QR codes. In 2013, the company received its first investment, and delivered its first product to the market in the following year. Since then, the Ensygnia platform has delivered 100% uptime on its systems and processes and continued to grow its customer base considerably. With peak processing of more than one million interactions per month.
Battling with Challenges 
Richard believes that, from a retail perspective, Ensygnia’s biggest challenge – and indeed the biggest challenger to any company looking to sell online is Amazon. The retailing giant has nailed every part of the process: The buying experience is quick, simple and secure, customers can easily compare reviews, and the delivery service is quick and reliable. What’s more, the company continues to innovate with drone deliveries, pick-up lockers, re-order buttons, voice ordering, and subscription-based purchasing etc.
Ensygnia is working hard to help make that simplicity of the buying experience available to every retail website so that companies can look to compete with the Amazon experience.
Richard says: “Other retailers rely heavily on habit and brand loyalty which will only go so far. They need to be innovative to survive and they need to innovate well to thrive.”
Surviving Competition 
Ensygnia has faced many approaches to challenge its competitive place in the market, but the technical excellence of its platform and the strength of its worldwide patent portfolio, has seen off many imitators.
Richard explains: “There are competitors who burn through tens of millions trying to copy us, just to create a similar platform. But why waste years and millions when the customer can buy a secure, compliant and reliable solution from Ensygnia and gain its market in days or weeks.” 
Ensygnia has established its credentials and proved its longevity in a fast-developing market. The company spent years building its platform and ensuring its compliance with regulatory and industry standards. What’s more, using the Ensygnia platform dramatically reduces the risk and cost to companies of security and compliance as the platform meets the regulations and standards for data protection, privacy and security such as PCI DSS, PSD2, and GDPR.
Reframe to Achieving Zeniths One Step at a Time 
At present, the industry remains fragmented which means Ensygnia expects to see market consolidation and approaches from other companies over the coming years.
There is also the rise of cryptocurrencies and blockchain to consider as this is creating new decentralized and currently un-regulated opportunities. Ensygnia is watching and preparing for these developments and is focused on working with a few key partners to expand its list of clients and users. Ensygnia is excited by all the market opportunities that are developing and by the expansion of its global market presence.
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