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EnSoftek: Serving Health and Human Services Industry with the Touch of Technological Expertise

The current scenario suggests that EMR-EHR industry is one of the most growing and promising industries all over the world. It is bringing some of the greatest improvements in the healthcare sector, including major benefits to both the providers and the patients. Recent reports inform that the improvement has been witnessed in the quality and efficiency of the healthcare services. These developments have led to a huge improvement in the care collaboration services from varied providers and have also led to the increase in the protection of patients’ engagement, confidentiality and privacy.
EnSoftek, Inc. is one such company which is renowned for their excellent services in the Enterprise, Healthcare, Government and IT solution industries. They are known to create modern & advanced EHR, Practice Management and Revenue Cycle Management solutions capable of handling both primary care and behavioral health services. The company provides solution with a design built on Always on architecture using Agile Software Development and Test-driven processes, under the guidance and medical leadership of their corporate medical advisory board, who are highly experienced in the field of family medical practice, mental health, radiology, cardiology, DoD healthcare delivery and IT health systems.
EnSoftek is one of the few businesses which has developed their own EHR and it has deployed it in over 70 countries around the world, supporting more than 140 Medical Officers and health units. It has in-hand experience working with organizations like the Peace Corps, Armed Forces Retirement Home (AFRH), Washington County, OR, Southwest Behavioral Health (the largest Behavioral Healthcare provider in Arizona) and many Behavioral Health organizations and community health providers around the Country.
EnSoftek is helping the health and human services markets with its various healthcare solutions and services. While talking about the EMR/EHR industry, one cannot miss the name of DrCloudEHR™, which is one of the most successful products EnSoftek has launched in this industry. With its extensive experience, EnSoftek is helping their clients evaluate cloud-based solutions and to achieve Authority to Operate at the highest level based on NIST and other federal information assurance standards.
Provider of Multiple Services Right from The Beginning
EnSoftek founded in 1999 in Oregon by Mr. Ramana Reddy, is aiding federal/state/local government agencies and commercial enterprises in a wide variety of information technology, healthcare IT solutions and services by consistently utilizing proven methodologies and their 16 years of experience. The company has developed, re-engineered, implemented, automated, integrated, maintained and supported solutions for over 100 public and private enterprises in the United States of America.
EnSoftek has successfully served the Northwest United States as a regional software consulting and IT staff augmentation firm for around seven years from 1999. In 2006, they launched Federal Solutions Vertical and executed multiple federal government prime contracts. Finally, in 2010, EnSoftek began their journey in the healthcare industry.
EnSoftek and its Services                                  
Ramana Reddy, the President and CEO of EnSoftek, realized the need for “Integrated Care” Solution after the HITECH Act was enacted in 2009. He further analyzed that the EMR solutions catered towards the health and human services market and realized the urgent need for primary care and mental health integrated EHR solution, it is when EnSoftek created a healthcare solutions subsidiary and launched cloud based solution and DrCloudEHR™ was born.
DrCloudEHR™ specifically fulfills the unique requirements of behavioral health all without compromising the intricacies associated with “primary care”. From traditional therapy, family based programs, substance abuse, medication management and primary care, DrCloudEHR™ offers one integrated solution that is standards based, interoperable, complies with federal mandates and state-reporting requirements. It delivers real-time information for efficient health care delivery and documentation and brings major improvements in patient care quality and reduction in costs. Their cloud-based Integrated Care solution offers treatment planning, golden thread™ audit compliance, revenue cycle management, forms builder, analytics (management reporting), disconnected (low or no connectivity) module and telehealth module while meeting stringent NIST based “security” standards.
CEO and His Point of View
Mr. Ramana Reddy is an accomplished leader and an entrepreneur by heart. After graduating from Michigan TechnologicalUniversity, he worked for auto industry in Michigan for few years before moving to Oregon where he worked for a Medical Electronic Products firm in early 1990’s and finished his Master’s Degree from the Oregon Health Sciences University(OHSU). A natural leader, Mr. Reddy is a graduate of the City of Beaverton Leadership class of 2008 for Leadership Beaverton, whose mission is to develop a diverse network of visionary civic and business leaders. Under his leadership, EnSoftek was named as one of the “Top 25 minority-owned businesses in Oregon” by the Portland Business Journal several times.
The View of Future
The future for EnSoftek seems bright as the healthcare community realizes the need for more attention on the behavioral health world, the demand for products like DrCloudEHR™ is expected to rise.The company relies heavily on their customers for product guidance and their Board of Advisors who are deeply involved in the behavioral health community.

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