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5 Engineering Projects to Get Your Teeth Into This Summer

If you enjoy getting stuck into a brand new project, using your time this summer to invest in an engineering project of your very own could be a great way to enhance your skills or learn how to use some brand-new tools.

We’ve put together five ideas for the most creative engineering projects for you to engage with this summer. Whether you’re mechanically minded or enjoy programming new software, these projects will help you get inspired during the sunny months to come.

1.      Arduino Weather Station

If you’re finding weather apps too unpredictable, you could build your own weather station using Arduino. Simply use an Arduino microcontroller and sensors to measure levels of humidity, pressure, and temperature in your environment to be displayed on a screen.

There are lots of open-source resources available to use for your weather system, and this publicly accessible code will enable you to create the best design for your project.

2.      Go Kart

Building a Go Kart is an incredibly physical challenge, requiring the skill to construct a sturdy frame and an engine that will stand the test of a racing track.

To achieve a well-built Go Kart, you will need high-quality precision components like nuts, bolts, and washers. Companies like Accu are purveyors of trusted, high-quality components and can source specialist pieces for every engineering endeavor. With fast delivery and 24/7 customer support, you can rely on them to provide you with everything you need for a successful go-karting adventure.

3.      Raspberry Pi Retro Gaming Console

This is one for the gamers! Use Raspberry Pi software to build a games console with all your favorite retro games, as well as a USB gamepad. You’ll need to configure the software and download any retro ROMs to your device, and you’ll be ready to play!

You can indulge yourself in playing all your favorite games, including Super Mario Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog, and Space Invaders, to name just a few.

4.      CNC Router

Although building a CNC router can be a complex project, creating one can be a versatile and rewarding experience.

The router is used for precision cutting and can create very intricate designs with very little effort. You’ll need a sturdy frame, the correct motors and drivers for the machine, as well as any emergency stop buttons and safeguards.

5.      Electric Bike Conversion

If you’re a keen cyclist and perhaps want to switch up your regular routine, you can convert your regular bike into an electric one.

To do this, add an electric motor, battery, and motor controller, and ensure to use the appropriate safety gear when in use.