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Empowering Women in Business Leadership Positions

The question is “why”, instead of having tons of laws made for gender equality in business, women are still missing from the chair of top management, all over the globe? The situation clearly shows the slow progress of women folk elevating in the top position, grabbing their chair in the board rooms of businesses.
The situation is same in every single industry. Let it be education, law firms, hospitals, or business, lack of women presence on the top positions can be observed. Though it is hard to believe, but yes, it’s true that in the list of 500 CEO’s there are only 23 business women in the CEO position, according to a survey.
This current scenario shows the intense need to empower women in business leadership positions. Now, it’s not a day’s task to change the situation thoroughly. But, yes the key to the question of how to empower women in business lies in the current business scenario. The situation can be changed by giving same opportunities to the women to go ahead and get in the shoes themselves.
Some of the reasons behind this condition can be seen as follow:
The Profile does not Appeal to Many
Well, the most genuine reason behind the lack of women in business ‘the lack of appeal’ women folks are finding when it comes to the leadership roles. Many women do not feel excited to get promoted. The reason is simple, the presumption of having not totally qualified for that position.
Lack of Support from the Supervisors
A presence of supervisor providing a moral support to the women employee is a necessity. According to a survey, most of the women do not find the correct boost expected from the supervisors to go on and compete for a higher position. Lack of moral support from the supervisors is proving to be a very serious issue for the progress of women on a top position.
Absence of a Relatable Role Model in One’s Company
Having no role model present before, can also be the another reason of women not having in the top position. Typically, women do not see other women in the leadership role made the situation more disappointing for them. The absence of role model before, women does not feel encouraged to opt for a top position.
Though the reasons sounds very familiar, but their impact on women is worse than imagination. But the situation is still in our hands, which can be changed with some simple but effective ways. The current scenario shows the vanishing of women as soon thy reach the top position they get replaced by men.
Now, the thing is we cannot change the past. But we can definitely change the future. This is time we need to search the ways to change the situation. So, here are some of the ways that can be adhere to boost up the moral of women and give them a chance to be on the top of the ladder.
Conducting Mentoring Programs
Organizations can contribute a lot to give women a chance to be on the top position with some simple ways, like conducting Mentoring Programs for women. Organizations can help the women talent through giving them a chance to get the best guidelines possible by the experienced people. Going further organizations can create a women group inside the organization to help the young talent find new ways to show it and tackle the hurdles coming their way.
Developing New Opportunities
The boost up cannot be only helpful; organizations need to develop some opportunities for the women folks. Giving a real opportunity to the women on the way to go to go on the senior level is really important. Organizations need to encourage and at the same time develop new opportunities for women in the organization to showcase their real talent. The lack of role model plays a very important role in making the refrain from the opportunities visible.
Recruiting Women Actively
The best way to increase the women count in a leadership role is that organizations should increase the women count in the leadership team. According to a study, organizations having women on the top position make better financial progress than those who are not having them. So, organizations should emphasis more on actively recruiting women on the top position, presenting them the role model for the other women talent in the company.
So, the ground is clear. If we want to empower women in business, we need to instrument strategies that will not only boost their morals but take them to the places where their talents should be!