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Empowering Women in Business: Breaking Barriers and Driving Success

For a long time now, women have been experiencing marginalization in the business world. They are not given equal respect and consideration as men. These women are either dismissed, ignored, or not entrusted with projects that can change the trajectory of their careers. There are many reasons why businesses often disregard women. Some of the factors that contribute to gender inequality are stereotypes, unconscious bias that views women as weaker, inadequate representation, and assuming women are not as capable as men in certain tasks.

However, this is not always the case. Studies have shown that businesses with women in leadership roles outperform those who don’t. Companies that invest in female employees and provide equal opportunities can significantly improve their bottom line. Women have proven to be just as capable of leading as men and can bring invaluable skills to the company.

For instance, take the Chinese real estate tycoon Zhang Xin, known as the “woman who built Beijing” and co-founder of SOHO China, which is worth 6.2 billion HKD. Besides her music, even the celebrity icon Rihanna is known for her billion-dollar cosmetic empire, Fenty Beauty.

When women can produce such results, why not stand behind them and empower them to achieve so much more? Here’s how:

1.      Encourage Women to Pursue Advanced Qualifications

According to ECommerce tips, more than 42% of all businesses in the US are women-owned. This number can drastically increase if more women are encouraged to take up educational qualifications like an MBA, which can give them the tools they need to become distinguished entrepreneurs. While you don’t need a degree to start a business, the concepts, knowledge, and skills you learn from your post-grad degree can transform you as a leader.

For this reason, women looking to step foot into the business sector can explore the accelerated online MBA program and immerse themselves in coursework that will reshape their perspective and make them successful business owners. Above all, having an MBA breeds innovations, fosters growth, and allows women to take up more leadership positions, which can cultivate a progressive learning environment within any enterprise.

2.      Actively Combat Stereotypes and Prejudices

About one in three women entrepreneurs have experienced sexism as business owners. There is no room for stereotypes and prejudices in the workplace. As a manager, if you’re a man, it is your job to navigate this mentality and ensure you’re giving all women workers a fair shot in the company.

Globally, women have immensely struggled to make room for themselves in any company, but you can easily end this practice. It would help if you educated and spread awareness in your company regarding stereotypes and biases and their negative impact on the work culture.

Furthermore, workshops and training sessions that explore women’s contribution to the workforce, businesses, and the GDP can help tone down much of the sexism. Likewise, implement policies that promote gender equality, such as equal pay, opportunities for all genders to pursue more senior roles, and delegating tasks to your workers based on their skills instead of gender.

3.      Push Yourself to Be an Ally

Being an ally is about paving a path for your women employees to express and exert themselves in the workplace without dimming their light. During meetings, allow women to speak their minds, lead the presentation, present their ideas, and allow them to take charge of high-profile clients. Trust that the women in your workforce can handle themselves and close inexpensive deals.

Take the creator of Huffington Post into consideration, Ariana Huffington; this woman entrepreneur felt a need to add to the political discourse during George W. Bush’s re-election leading to the formation of Huffington Post. Launched in 2005, this American progressive news website was worth $315 million by 2011. Following this example, it is clear that women can launch and maintain successful companies making them a million-dollar success.

Additionally, women in your company who are great at mentoring should be allowed to support other employees. Often junior employees need guidance and help to build their careers; in such cases, guide them to the women in your company, encourage junior employees to work with them, seek their advice, and use their expertise to enhance their careers.

How Can Women Empower Themselves at Work?

Empowering Women in Business: Breaking Barriers and Driving Success

As a woman, you have every right to be heard, seen, and acknowledged, whether as a business owner or an employee. Here are some ways you can be a source of inspiration for yourself:

1.      Build Self Confidence

The commerce sector can be exceptionally harsh to women such as yourself. While it is unfair, most companies don’t take women as seriously as they should, especially as active contributors to the workplace, but don’t let this deter you. Have faith in your abilities, skills, qualifications, and knowledge. You should always celebrate your achievements and learn to recognize your strength. If your coworkers or employees look down on you, remind them why you’re successfully managing your leadership position.

Continuously choosing to learn, explore and build your skills can also make you more confident about yourself. So if there are workshops, degrees, or courses that you can pursue which add to your skill set and make you a seasoned business, enroll yourself in them.

2.      Communicate Assertively

Despite being old research published in 2010, the study conducted by the Gender Action Portal at the Harvard Kennedy School still holds true today. According to this research, men report more assertive behavior than women. Although women have the same abilities as men, they’re more context conscious and choose not to engage, which means instead of being assertive, they are more silent. But you shouldn’t allow yourself to become timid.

If you’re running a large enterprise, your thoughts and opinions matter, you should express your ideas confidently, speak up for yourself and challenge views that try to undermine your accomplishments. You can ask for space to convey your thoughts; don’t let anyone take credit for your work.

3.      Develop a Strong Professional Network

You don’t have to run your business alone; if you can make meaningful and valuable connections with other professionals, allow yourself to do that. Networking makes you stronger and more resourceful. It allows you to mingle with the industry’s finest and know they will support you in all your endeavors. You should attend networking events, host seminars, participate in online business communities, and make a spot for yourself in industry meetings. Don’t hesitate to push your accomplishments forward and earn the respect of your colleagues.

Final Thoughts

The business sector has not been kind to women, mainly as both employees and leaders, but this can be changed easily. Empowering women is about giving them the same space and opportunity you would award men. This allows them to showcase their skills, experience, and knowledge without feeling that their gender is a hurdle to their accomplishments. You can support women in numerous ways, encouraging them to build their skills, supporting them, and always prioritizing their expertise over any other factor. Likewise, as a woman, build self-confidence, don’t shy away from being assertive, and let your professional network do the bidding for you.