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Ali Alamri | Chief Strategy Officer

Empowering Dreams: Ali Alamri’s Contribution to the Growth of Saudi Entertainment

A seasoned expert, Ali Alamri is renowned for his ability to drive strategic innovation, making him a name synonymous with excellence in the domains of business strategy, development and investment stimulation. With over 18 years of profound experience straddling both the public and private sectors, Ali stands as a beacon of leadership and expertise.

A landscape where challenges are opportunities waiting to be harnessed, where every decision holds the power to transform the trajectory of a business. It is in this dynamic arena that Ali’s expertise shines brightly. Armed with an MBA degree with Merit from Manchester Business School, he possesses a unique blend of academic brilliance and practical acumen.

What sets Ali apart is not just his extensive knowledge but also his certifications, including being a Certified Balanced Scorecard Professional, PMP Certified and an ISO 9001&27001 Lead Auditor. His multifaceted skill set encompasses strategy formulation, execution and organizational excellence, making him a stalwart in the industry.

Beyond his corporate roles, Ali extends his expertise as a consultant, guiding businesses in navigating complex domains. He is involved in different roles as a mentor, nurturing entrepreneurs and SMEs, ensuring their growth aligns seamlessly with market demands.

Let’s explore the intricate world of business where Ali is a catalyst for transformative change and a driving force in the realm of strategic brilliance!

The Road Less Traveled

In the vast expanse of over two decades, Ali has carved a remarkable niche for himself in the realm of strategic planning. His expertise spans the diverse landscapes of government entities and private corporations. Amidst the rapid transformation that defines Saudi Arabia’s journey towards Vision 2030, Ali faces the daunting challenge of navigating nascent sectors through profound strategic shifts within tight timelines. In his own words, “Transforming entities under the ambitious Vision 2030 is no walk in the park.”

Private enterprises are driven by profit motives and present a different set of challenges. Leaders must navigate the intricate web of market opportunities, threats and internal capabilities. Ali’s journey has been a tale of overcoming these hurdles and more, crafting meticulous strategic plans that empower organizations to fulfill their mandates and flourish. As he puts it, “Every challenge is an opportunity to grow, both for the organization and its people.”

One of Ali’s recent triumphs lies in striking a delicate balance—facilitating investor journeys to expand market reach while ensuring stringent governance and regulations for robust governmental oversight. He elaborates, “Achieving this equilibrium is crucial as it fosters a thriving business environment while upholding regulatory integrity.”

Ali’s vast experience encompasses the establishment of pivotal divisions such as strategy management offices, project management offices and Organizational Excellence frameworks. These endeavors come with their own set of challenges, from managing stakeholder expectations to deftly navigating internal politics. According to him, “Building these foundations demands not just strategic acumen but also a keen understanding of human dynamics.”

Yet, the landscape of strategic leadership is ever-shifting. The ecosystem evolves, players multiply and transformations abound. For Ali, this dynamic environment adds layers of complexity to his role. He emphasizes the importance of adaptability, saying, “A good strategic plan must be like a compass, guiding organizations through changing winds with flexibility and resilience.”

Ali’s journey through diverse sectors from the Capital Market (Semi-Government) to the Private Banking sector, and from the Government’s SME Authority to the formidable GEA (Government) reflects his versatility and depth of experience.

Each step in this journey has honed his skills and broadened his perspective. As he continues to shape strategies, Ali remains committed to navigating the intricate mosaic of challenges, armed with wisdom, determination and a vision for the future.

The Market Maven

With over 15 years immersed in the private sector, Ali brings a wealth of invaluable experience to the table. His journey in the corporate has bestowed upon him a profound understanding of the intricacies of business dynamics. As he reflects, “That experience became very handy, it’s the foundation on which I build innovative services and initiatives.”

What sets Ali apart is his unique ability to bridge the gap between private enterprise and strategic planning. His expertise in strategic execution and business development proves instrumental in propelling the growth of this niche market and nascent sector. In his own words, “I use my combined knowledge to bring bigger value, it’s about making strategic moves that not only support but also elevate the private sector without adding unnecessary burdens.”  Ali’s approach exemplifies a harmonious blend of practical experience and strategic foresight. His vision resonates with the essence of fostering sustainable growth, creating a synergy that propels businesses forward while ensuring a thriving ecosystem for all.

In the Age of Innovation

Technology takes the spotlight in today’s dynamic entertainment landscape shaping experiences in ways unimaginable before. As Ali keenly observes, “Augmented and Virtual Reality, coupled with AI, enhance customer experiences creating a new dimension in entertainment.” These transformative trends are essential, especially in a country where the majority of the population is tech-savvy youth. E-gaming stands out as a rapidly burgeoning sector capturing the imagination of enthusiasts worldwide.

In Saudi Arabia, e-gaming experiences a surge propelled by extensive 5G network coverage and high-speed Fiber internet connections. Hosting thrilling e-gaming competitions and tournaments and drawing avid participants and spectators alike. Ali notes, “KSA’s dedication to e-gaming sets a global standard making it a hub for gamers and industry pioneers.”

Yet, technology’s impact extends beyond entertainment itself. Ali emphasizes its role in crafting analytical tools that delve into customer behavior, enabling informed, data-driven decisions. “Technology empowers us to understand markets deeply,” he says, “offering valuable insights to investors, guiding them towards more profitable ventures.”

In this fusion of innovation and strategy, Saudi Arabia not only embraces the future of entertainment but also pioneers a path where technology fuels growth, enriching experiences and driving the industry towards unprecedented heights.

Preserving Legacy, Embracing Tomorrow

Saudi Arabia’s entertainment sector consists of the General Entertainment Authority (GEA). GEA stands with a resolute mandate—to regulate and develop this vibrant industry. With a vision that echoes the aspiration for social and economic growth, GEA aims to nurture a world-class, self-sustaining entertainment sphere. As Ali observes, “The scope and ambitions here are both high and wide, it’s about transforming dreams into reality.”

The magnitude of GEA’s vision becomes apparent in its ambitious goals. By 2030, the aim is to expand the entertainment market size fivefold, soaring to an impressive $6 billion and in the process, generate over 450,000 direct jobs. It’s a colossal endeavor that demands dedication, meticulous planning and a shared commitment to transforming aspirations into tangible achievements

At the core of GEA’s strategy lie three sturdy pillars. The first, ‘Enriched Experience,’ embodies the commitment to deliver exceptional entertainment through diverse, high-quality and accessible offerings. As Ali emphasizes, “It’s not just about entertainment, it’s about creating unforgettable experiences that leave a lasting impression.”

The second pillar, ‘Thriving Sector,’ focuses on fostering investments, both local and international stimulating contributions from private enterprises and empowering entrepreneurs and SMEs. Ali adds, “A thriving sector means collaboration and growth for everyone involved, from investors to small business owners.”

Lastly, ‘Sustainable Capabilities‘ underscores the importance of nurturing local talents, establishing the right infrastructure and implementing effective governance to ensure the long-term vitality of entertainment businesses. Ali points out, “Sustainability is the foundation upon which the future of entertainment stands.”

As GEA charts its course towards a dynamic future, it’s not merely a journey of regulations and developments, it’s an expedition into creating moments of joy, fostering economic prosperity and empowering communities. With Ali’s strategic prowess and GEA’s determination, the Saudi entertainment sector is poised to shine brighter, captivating hearts and minds, one experience at a time.

Aspiring Heights

Ali’s personal mission resonates deeply with the ambitious Vision 2030, driving his dedication to making impactful contributions. “My objective,” he states, “is to deliver upon the promises of Vision 2030 in every possible way.”

In the medium term, his focus remains steadfast on nurturing the burgeoning entertainment sector. His strategies are meticulously crafted to not only stimulate investments but also to cultivate local talents and players.

In the Spotlight

The entertainment sector is thriving in Saudi Arabia opening doors to lucrative opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. Ali, with his visionary approach highlights on key initiatives propelling this growth. “We’ve attracted the prestigious IAAPA summit to Riyadh for the first time,” he states proudly, emphasizing the global recognition this achievement brings.

Further bolstering the sector, Ali shares, “We’ve embarked on Investment Roadshows to USA, UK, France, China, and other countries attracting vital foreign direct investments.” These initiatives not only broaden horizons but also strengthen international ties fostering a collaborative spirit in the industry.

Additionally, Ali reveals, “We’ve launched two accelerators, providing vital support to local startups making entrepreneurial dreams more attainable.” The impact of these accelerators’ ripples through the community nurturing innovation and creativity.

Recognition has also come in the form of the prestigious EFQM excellence award for GEA. Ali beams, “This accolade reaffirms our commitment to excellence setting a high standard for the industry.”

In a heartwarming initiative, Ali highlights The Hawi (Hobby Clubs Association), designed to nurture local communities’ hobbies.

Each initiative mentioned here is a testament to dedication and foresight which converges to shape a thriving entertainment sector. In this journey toward a prosperous future, these endeavors stand as pillars, paving the way for a vibrant, innovative and inclusive industry.

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Entertainment is one of the fastest growing sectors in the kingdom which opens doors for huge potential to make profitable businesses. Government support through incubators and accelerators is continuous and available for local startups. Funding solutions have not been easier and more accessible.