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Emma Parkinson | Owner & Director | International Energy Products

Emma Parkinson: Committed to Deliver Cutting-Edge Services in Renewable Energy and Petrochemical Industries

“Tough times never last, tough people do,” and Emma Parkinson is an empowering woman who is one of the most formidable leaders to walk on the earth, imprinting her footprints with compelling business wisdom. Being born into a single-parent family with a tight financial situation, Emma learned to be humble at a very young age. Her humble mindset is embodied in her unrivaled success in achieving consistent profitability, stock management, and project management delivery.

A journey filled with difficult paths always led Emma to fight hard to secure positions and achieve better results, constantly evolving herself. Starting her career in a male-dominated industry, where the odds were always set against her, was the primary driver for Emma to found International Energy Products in 2019.

When she began her business from scratch, she secured funding and support from a private investor, growing her company into a secured financial position. She achieved an MBO in October 2021, becoming the sole owner and shareholder of International Energy Products, a significant achievement for her, overcoming numerous obstacles. Since Emma initiated her venture, it has more than doubled turnover year, having a complete order book moving forward in 2022.

Quality at the Heart

International Energy Products’ philosophy is becoming a leading solutions provider for metal sourcing globally. With a wealth of knowledge and relationships spanning the industry worldwide, it aims to support its customers to work closely with them, adding value to its service.

Emma asserts, “Our industry is quite dated, and people routinely do what they have done for 50-100 years now without change. We provide a fresh approach, working with customers most closely to understand their requirements and offer value to their supply chain, saving not only money but valuable time and resources.”

International Energy Products ensures working with the most updated software and hardware to provide a secure and versatile system. It has new technologies planned for the next 12-18 months, which will support its customers when ordering.

Transforming Shifts

Sharing her thoughts on bringing a change in the industry, Emma mentions, “There are many competitors out there that don’t want to work with you for fear of losing business. I believe there is room for everyone, and sometimes it can be advantageous for competitors of the same industry to support each other and navigate through some industry-specific issues by sharing knowledge.”

“I believe that people are moving back towards buying from smaller, more specialized businesses as opposed to large corporations. Businesses need that tailored service and approach from smaller to medium-sized firms. We are growing but fully intend to remain a small to medium size business as we enjoy working closely with customers and given that personalized service that they want and need,” explains Emma.

What Comes Next?

Over the next 3-5 years, International Energy Products aims to secure end user approvals and market positions within the industry. Emma wants to be at the edge of the new advancements and adopt new environmentally friendly ways to serve the industry.

Swim Against the Current

Emma understands that starting up any business is hard; it’s lonely and takes time and constant drive. She advises aspiring entrepreneurs to lean on people around them for support and get used to problem-solving. “You will find that problem solving and navigating issues every day becomes the norm, and long term, this is essentially the driver behind the business’s growth and continuity,” Emma concludes.