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Emma He | Founder & Global Director | Sleepm Global Inc.

Emma He: Providing a Comfortable and Supportive Sleeping Experience

Emma He, founder and global director of Sleepm E Global Inc, a Toronto-based company that officially launched in June 2018, whose mission has been an obsession since childhood.  According to Emma “My mother didn’t sleep well, she was upset all the time.” As an adult, Emma tried everything to help her mother until she purchased some crystal products; and her mother slept through the night. Emma asserts “That mission, from then on, was ‘sleep health’ through the research and development of products that improve our ability to sleep.”

“Sleep better; life is better, the world is better”

Unique Product Line
Emma launched a furniture company in Canada 12 years ago with eight researching products that promote sleep health. In 2017, the company found the solution and in 2018, the products were on the market.
Sleepm provides four consumer products unique to the “sleep” industry. The mattress contains a special composite of 16 crystals called Biocrystal – including gold (to boost energy); silver (known for centuries as calming); and jade (calms the nervous system). The mattress’ coils are independently fabric-wrapped – “single coil” – which prevents the noise and movement that keep many people up at night. And hear this: only via Sleepm can an individual weigh 400 pounds, find a mattress and also sleep well. Sleepm mattresses alone are customized based on height, weight, sleep habits, whether one has “a partner” sleeping with them – and more. “Sleep is personal,” emphasizes Emma.
Sleepm believes in one size does not fit all. The bedtime breakthroughs continue; the Sleepm topper (and mattress) contains activated charcoal, already a popular ingredient in other products that reduces up to 60% to 70% of the radiation that comes from the computers, cell phones and TVs ;we use while we’re in bed. The Sleepm pillow uniquely balances the legs as well as the head and neck; and contains a magnet to reduce radiation around the head as well. Sleepm’s research, under Emma He, showed something else important “when we’re hot we have a hard time sleeping, thus, the natural latex covering that is known to keep us “cold” and, therefore, better able to sleep.”
Success from Challenges
Sleepm is an MLM so that the many don’t speak English well. Emma moved to Canada from China and having trouble finding work and the opportunity to be entrepreneur too. Yet, as of March 2019, Sleepm had over 3500 independent “distributors”; and, yes, this “super-charged” growth has been entirely word-of-mouth. Till now, Sleepm has advised thousands of the sleep-deprived worldwide.
Accomplishments through the Journey
Below are the chief accomplishments of Sleepm since the beginning of 2018:

  • Sleepm Global Inc. launched in June 2018; had 2018 revenues of $10 million
  • Products made available and sold in 50 countries
  • World’s only MLM sleep products company, Sleepm Global already had 6200 distributors as of March 202
  • First sleep products’ company to focus entirely on “sleep health” with products carefully researched and designed to promote sleep
  • Global Director Emma He has helped over 100 distributors have an annual income of over $100,000/each
  • Sleepm, under Emma, provided over 100 “Sleep Knowledge” lectures for communities worldwide
  • In 2019, opened a Los Angeles office
  • Under Emma, company stands out for management team with natural and medical doctors
  • Staff grows to over 200 in awards year through now including workers in factories, distribution, office staff
  • First mattress company to have product covered by health/medical insurance, in the awards year in Canada

Advice for Future Woman Leaders
To have a big dream, one cannot ignore the details in the business and believe that the goal is to give and help others succeed and grow before they can succeed and grow by themselves. Emma considers confidence, humility and a willingness to learn, self-belief and bravery are the vital attributes that every businesswoman should possess. She described these attributes in the following points: ·

  • Confidence: “Confidence is essential if you want to win clients and build a profitable business.” ·
  • Humility and a willingness to learn: “You cannot rest on your laurels when you run your own business.” ·
  • Self-belief: “Look at any successful businesswoman and you will discover how much they truly believe in themselves.” ·
  • Bravery: “Being brave is something that doesn’t come easily to many of us. That’s because bravery is not a trait we’re born with, it’s a learned attribute and one that comes from experience and fear.”