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Emma Dickison: A Successful Franchise Industry Veteran Leader

As life is becoming more challenging amid the pandemic, and the ever-increasing complicated business world, have you ever felt like it has become increasingly challenging to spend time with your loved ones. Emma Dickison – CEO & President at Home Helpers Home Care is here to put your worries at ease. According to her, “Time with loved ones is precious and it is ok to slow down a bit and nurture valuable relationships be it, family or friends”.

“It has been true throughout history demonstrating the incredible things that happen when women step up, show up and step into their best possible selves.”

Emma has over 30 years of experience in franchise leadership, including helping build two of the country’s iconic franchise brands. As inspiration, she has a picture that shows two ballerina feet. One of the ballerina’s feet wears a ballerina slipper while the other foot is bandaged and bruised. The images are quite drastic. The caption says, “Everyone wants to be successful until they see what it actually takes.” You have to ask yourself are you willing to do whatever it takes (morally, legally, and ethically) to be successful.
Open to New Ideas
The mission of Home Helpers Home Care is to be the most trusted provider of comprehensive home care services and support for individuals who choose to remain independent living their best lives in their home. In Emma Dickison’s role as CEO and President, she focusses on innovation, creativity, brand growth, business development & building a great team so that the company can serve franchisees and their clients all across North America.
Home Helpers Home Care is the only in-home care company to offer Direct Link, the company’s suite of medical technology monitoring solutions in the home. The organization has always thought that technology solutions could enhance the in-home care experience and help support healthier outcomes.
Positive Influence on Seniors in the Mist of a Pandemic
The pandemic has highlighted the important role that the in-home care industry serves in the health care continuum. In-Home Care typically provides care in a one-to-one care setting which is not only the safest, but also the most economical and personalized. The industry has helped seniors spend their sunset years in the safe and familiar environment they have come to love, while also helping diminish the spread of the virus. The industry, which already had strong tailwinds to grow, has realized unprecedented, accelerated growth due to the pandemic.
Driven on Getting Results
Emma runs Home Helpers by developing short- and long-term strategic plans. She ensures these plans are executed by relying on well-trained top talent. Emma understands the need to have a strong supporting Senior Leadership team and has even reinvented top level positions to meet the growing demands of the company.  She is dedicated to running a company that is not only the in-home care provider choice, but as be an employer of choice.
Her dedication to drive care for seniors and others in need for the services Home Helpers provides is unparallel in the industry.  Home Helpers Home Care’s goal is to support those that need help with their daily activities while ensuring their clients maintain their dignity, and the familiarity of their beloved homes.
It is an awesome responsibility, especially while operating during a pandemic. Its franchisees train on infectious disease control. Additionally, the companies follow all CDC guidelines as well as making sure it utilizes the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment. The organization also increased its partnerships with various referral sources, including hospitals, to support their goals of healthy patient care post-discharge.
A Motivative Team Leader
Harriet Beecher Stow said, “Women are the real architects of society.” That quote really resonates when you reflect on all the great women of history. The challenges they faced, the roles they filled, the strength they did not know they had until they stepped up.
In Emma’s words “First you have to love what you do. You have to enjoy working with people and be willing to work hard. Find a good mentor in the field and put in the work towards personal and professional development.”
She also adds, “When a Woman Steps Up it enables her to step up, show up and step into their best selves. To their highest possibilities. It opens avenues for personal and professional development, inspiration and encouragement to step outside of their comfort zone and make bold choices to open up to new opportunities, learn more, inspire and lead.”