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Emerge: Delivering Topnotch Cloud-Based Logistics Solutions

In an interview with Insights Success, the Vice President – Business Development, of Emerge, Jake Papa, shares his key insights on cloud-based technology solutions for transportation and logistics purposes, and most importantly, leadership.
Below are highlights from the interview conducted between Jake and Insights Success:
Give a brief overview of Emerge, its solutions and services? 
Emerge provides leading cloud-based technology solutions for the transportation and logistics industry by offering the first ever Private Freight Marketplace and a TMS platform for free. Emerge’s Private Freight Marketplace combats the big issues affecting the industry such as the capacity crunch and ELD mandates. The first of its kind, the proprietary technology can save shippers hundreds of dollars per load while offering services from thousands of verified carriers and brokers. Customers simply sign up for free, enter their quote details and within minutes access the lowest rates on live capacity. Currently, shippers are seeing an average savings of $135 per load and 10 vendor options.
The TMS side of the platform helps transportation professionals to easily and quickly connect with their network of carriers and brokers to manage their shipping process online. Understanding in freight, time is money – the platform was designed to reduce the industry’s traditional reliance on managing freight through emails and calls by providing a highly efficient alternative. Shippers can request quotes, award tenders, implement real-time tracking and access on-demand reports and analytics that provide full visibility of their supply chain. Both shippers and carriers also love our chat feature – eliminating back and forth phone calls – allowing them to communicate faster while keeping a record of their details.
How do you diversify so that it will benefit your customers? 
As a tech solution built by a team with decades of industry experience, we understand the needs and pain points across all customer types. We provide solutions for each customer type no matter where they fall in the shipping process. We make the ideal tools available for the job that is being done instead of overwhelming users with things they don’t need. If you’re a carrier, our system provides you carrier tools and if you’re a shipper, you see the shipper solutions.
Describe the experiences, achievements or lessons that have shaped the journey of Emerge. 
With our leadership team having more than 100 years of combined logistics expertise, within several verticals of the industry, we have the knowledge needed to produce industry leading technology. The idea of Emerge began in 2011, by our founder Andrew Leto, and he continues to shape our product today. Andrew has a reputation for identifying opportunities in the industry where technology can provide improved ways to streamline business, increase profits and enhance visibility.
How does Emerge contribute towards making the logistics industry better? 
The world of business and customer service, regardless of industry, is moving faster each day as we continue to get more connected. The logistics industry (traditionally slower to adopt new technologies) can no longer rely on outdated techniques for sales, management and business decisions. We allow shippers and carriers to streamline their operations by helping to increase efficiency and output. We’ve designed our products from customer feedback and continue to put our customers’ needs first when planning new releases. There is a major lack of technology in the logistics industry in general, so by offering a free platform, we allow them to become more resourceful. Another differentiator with our product is that we provide full transparency, which we feel is a major void in logistics currently.
Give a detailed explanation regarding the Founder/CEO/Management’s influence towards the industry and the company? 
Our Founder and Executive Chairman, Andrew Leto, along with his brother and CEO Michael Leto, have been at the forefront of logistics technology for nearly two decades. Previously, the Leto brothers founded GlobalTranz (a $1B 3pl) and pioneered an online booking tool named Andrew also founded 10-4 Systems, which is a truckload visibility tool used to help Fortune 500 companies gain insight into their supply chain. Andrew and Michael’s vision for connecting shippers, carriers and brokers in an all-inclusive application to help manage the daily burdens of booking freight has come to fruition with Emerge.
Where does Emerge see itself in the long run and/or what are its future goals? 
Emerge will be the first Private Freight Marketplace allowing shippers to communicate and utilize partners inside and (if they choose) outside of their network in real-time. Currently, Emerge handles Truckload, Less-than- Truckload and Rail/Intermodal. In the near future, we will be releasing support for Ocean and Air. Shippers will see Emerge as the go-to place to make sure their loads are covered at the best rates while carriers will continue to use us to increase efficiencies on their fleets and expand their customer network.
Considering the rising number of Logistic Tech Solutions providers, how does Emerge stand out from its competitors? 
The great thing about Emerge, is most times we don’t see ourselves as a competitor. Shippers and carriers aren’t the only ones seeing the benefits of our system. In fact, we already have partnerships with some of the leading solution providers showing how inclusive our product can be. Just like shippers and carriers, they rely on utilizing our tools to help make them more successful and efficient. Emerge is not a replacement or an alternative to other solutions, we’re an enhancement.
Give us a few testimonials of your clients that accurately highlight Emerge position in the market. 
“Using Emerge has changed the way we ship. With the ability to replicate orders, track shipments, and have a carrier scorecard, Emerge has made our logistics more manageable. No more endless emails filling up my inbox. It helps me save time — one of the most important variables.” – Interlake Mecalux
“The system is fantastic! I have in one place all of the bids on a particular load. Emerge keeps ratings on my carriers so I can tell who is performing well and who isn’t quickly and easily, so I can make better decisions. With tracking, I no longer have to spend hours calling my carriers to check status. The system saves me time and money every day! Love, love, love this system!!!” – Prime Plastics Products, Inc.
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