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Embedded Systems are Gaining Popularity across all Domains

In today’s emerging world, systems have bought an ease of work due to its inherent advancements and features. The embedded system is one of the most imperative subjects in the digital world. Thinking about technology,  daily lifestyle essential devices like mobile phones, tablets and laptops come to our mind, but the internal features is not known to most of us. The presence of these devices is almost inevitable in all facades of the human endeavor. In order to understand more about the operations, functions and features of embedded systems, it is defined here ahead.
Embedded Systems -It is an electronic system incorporating hardware integrated circuit with software programming techniques for delivering various projects solutions. The main advantage of using an embedded system is it helps to reduce the complexity of the circuits which becomes expedient. It also offers a cost effective and an appropriate size which is suitable for the system. This electronic system can perform single or multiple tasks based on the application. An embedded system consist of hardware such as power supply kit, central processing unit, memory devices, timers, output circuits, serial communication ports and system application specific circuit components and circuits.
Types of Embedded Systems
The Embedded systems are classified into categories such as

  • Based on its performance and functional requirements
  • Performance of the Microcontroller

The category- based on its performance and functional requirements are classified into four types that are Stand alone, Real time, Networked, and Mobile embedded systems. Further, the category- performance of the microcontroller is classified into three types that are small scale, medium scale and sophisticated embedded systems.
An Excellent Application Provider
The embedded systems are highly applicable as it is a special-purpose system due to its unique characteristics. It is used in a diversified area of things as its components and functions of hardware and software are different for each system. It is applicable in areas like communication, space, transportation, robotic systems, and home appliances and many more.
Real Time Applications of Embedded Systems
As it has a vast variety of application domains it differs from high expense to low, consumer electronics to industrial equipment, academic equipment to entertainment devices and from weapons to medical instruments and aerospace control systems. Here goes some of the categories embedded systems are used:

  • Consumer electronics- Mobile phones, videogame consoles, digital camera
  • Household appliances- Washing machines, microwave ovens, refrigerators
  • Medical Equipment- CT Scanners, heartbeat monitors, electrocardiogram
  • Automobiles- Antilock braking systems, air-conditioner controls, electronic fuel injection systems
  • Industrial Applications- Assembly lines, multiple parameter monitoring systems, data collection systems
  • Aerospace- Navigation systems, guidance systems, GPS
  • Communications- Routers, network hubs, satellite phones

Progression of Embedded Systems over the Decade
With changing times, inventions have become a routine in the world of technology; the embedded systems have also undergone some salient modifications. In the existing times, the embedded technologies are responsible for the intellectual capabilities of utmost modern devices, for both consumers as well as industrial. To present this in a simpler manner, the embedded systems not just control the lifestyle devices like microwaves, smartphones, tablets, and other consumer electronics but also directs the telecommunication systems, submarines, ATMs, and many more.
The upper echelons in the field of embedded technologies have created some innovative technologies over the last decade which is highly admired. Multi-core processors, virtualization, the expansion of devices with improved security requirements, 64-bit processors and new chip manufacturing processes are some of the innovative achievements.
Embracing such innovative technologies addresses the scale of the market and the number of its players which include companies like semiconductor suppliers, system software development, and mechanical components suppliers, system software development companies, and mechanical components suppliers. The embedded systems market leaders include national and international renowned companies.
Advancing with Multifunctional Features
With the advent of multi-functional engineering, the next age of wireless communication systems is encouraging a new level of technology integration. Incorporating effective measures like progressive data rates, great connectivity for systems such as the Internet of Things (IoT), less power consumption, and other striving goals can be achieved by joining advanced digital, RF, and antenna technologies.
An embedded system which performs multiple applications is known as a multi-mode embedded system as it dynamically recomposes the system functionality. Moreover, an embedded system which additionally assists multiple tasks to be executed in a mode is known as a multi-mode multi-task embedded system.  The multi-material additive manufacturing processes offer the potential for multi-functional parts to be manufactured in a single procedure. To utilize the potential benefits of the developing technology, analysis, new designs, and optimization methods are needed. Such methods are facilitated in the optimization of a multifunctional part by pairing both the structural design aspects and system. An application development platform known as Multifunctional Embedded Application Platform (MEAP) is used to create customized applications.
Trends to Watch
Developers should constantly keep an eye on the trends and make appropriate use of the latest advances in techniques and technologies. Some of the trends include Internet of Things (IoT), processor technology, storage, artificial intelligence and, virtual and augmented reality. Also, there are several trends like embedded security, real-time visualization; cloud connectivity and Bluetooth mesh networking, low power consumption and optimization that will help developers working with microcontroller-based solutions.
Elevating with Time
Over the years, embedded systems have come a long way and contributed to every aspect of the industrial sector. All the devices or appliances used in our daily lives are designed in such a way that can be used without creating difficulties using the embedded systems. Taking this into account, in coming times every object around will consist of a either a small processor or sensor embedded within itself. Even though it is invisible to the naked eye it still connects with multiple other devices to make the lives more allied and accessible than ever before. Using embedded systems, wonders like driverless cars, fully automated factories, adaptive home appliances and many more devices have successfully been created.
In the upcoming times, the embedded systems are looking forward to evolve with technologies that will assist large data storage dimensions, faster communication and highly linked connections among the devices.