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eLynx : An absolute on-demand Web-based services

Since 1994, eLynx has been helping customers in the financial services and real estate industries capture and manage documents and associated data electronically throughout the document life cycle, ensuring compliance with industry regulations, reducing costs, improving workflow efficiency, and automating paper-intensive processes.
Sharon Matthews, guiding hand behind eLynx
Australian born but now a long-time resident of Northern California, Sharon Matthews, President and CEO, joined eLynx in 2007 just as economic markets were heading into the worst turmoil of this generation. Being a seasoned executive with experience in software development, sales and the service industry, Sharon artfully steered eLynx to success, emerging stronger and more stable. Sharon also serves as the Chair of City Year San Jose/Silicon Valley, a non-profit dedicated to the increasing graduation rates for at-risk youth in the community.
The executive team of eLynx provides senior leadership and management across all the key functional areas and disciplines within the company. Sharon trusts her team to help her run and manage the company.
Services Offered
eLynx provides on-demand Web-based services that simplify paperless business processes between enterprises and their customers and partners. eLynx helps lenders convert paper-based lending processes to more efficient and less costly data-driven paperless workflows. Their products and services ensure that their customers remain compliant with complex lending regulations, while making the loan process easier for consumers to transact and more transparent for secondary market investors.
eLynx has recently launched its most comprehensive set of enhancements and new features to its Expedite® platform. These new capabilities help mortgage lenders comply with entirely redesigned regulatory rules and forms that recently went into effect. These new regulations are the most significant the mortgage industry has seen in nearly 50 years.
Future Panorama
On the basis of two key values eLynx has consistently overcome roadblocks year in and year out. The first is an unrelenting focus on their customers and the second is reliability. If they make a customer commitment, they rally as an organization to get it done.
eLynx’s mission is to automate and unify the processes, documents and data essential to the highly regulated, security sensitive workflows in the financial services industry.
It’s broad vision is to become the most trusted and valued provider of essential document delivery and collaborative data technology, value-added services and innovative ideas in the eyes of their customers, partners, competitors, team members and shareholders.
eLynx is excited to be so well-positioned to be a part of the new changes and to play their part in moving the industry forward.
Client Relationship basics
eLynx believes that the “perfect” client relationship would be one in which there is an equal and fair recognition of value given and received on both sides, a collaborative rapport whereby their client understands that their contributions play an important role in determining success, continual and organic account growth over time through value-added services, and open communication at all times that leads to constant learning, strong dialogue and opportunities for innovation.
Suggestions for the new startups
Find good, loyal people and invest in them heavily. A good team can make a bad strategy work well enough to refine or evolve it into a good one. The other piece of advice Sharon gives is, ‘to really understand what you’re good at and then focus on making that your differentiation.’