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Elinext: A Trusted Name for Custom Software Development

One of the latest trends Elinext follows is the integration of Hybrid Cloud. In the near future, software development companies are going to not only continue exploiting their current assets, but also expand their application layer to get the advantage of API capabilities, Mobile Platforms and Internet of Things. Elinext is such a Custom Software Development Company which always strives to keep up with cloud computing trends.

Founded in 1997, Elinext has specialized in IT consulting and software development. It delivers increasingly complex projects for businesses of different scale, from new startups to most valuable Fortune 500 companies. As far as Oracle Platform solutions, it is offering end-to-end services for implementation of a broad set of Oracle business, database, technology, and financial management solutions.

Elinext have a strong focus on delivering high-quality software solutions which are assisting their hundreds of customers to become more modest. Team Elinext helps their customers make their decision-making process data-driven and bring their big data into focus. Elinext also predicts the rise in usage of containers and a further increase in SaaS, IaaS and PaaS determined by enterprise solutions moving into a cloud.

Driving Force of Elinext

Alexey Shliakhouski is the IT Director of Elinext. He has solid working experience of 15 years. He holds a degree in Computer Science and Economics. Alexey has expertise, tremendous level of experience in Document Management Systems, Enterprise Systems, and Accounting Solutions for financial organizations and Corporate Portals, and he is committed to cloud and engineered systems.

Elinext understands the choice of their clients

Elinext provides a strong focus on Oracle solution. It gives its best resources to train, develop and demonstrate the commitment to Oracle technologies, keeping track of emerging products and application advances. Elinext understands customers’ needs, and spreads over the choice of Oracle products. These products and solutions need to be harnessed, allowing people working with the adaptable, scalable, and responsive platform. Elinext works with their clients with the development of the strategic plan. Team Elinext conducts deep research, acquiring a holistic view of their clients’ businesses and helps them identify their business needs and plan the solutions.

They combine technological excellence and industry knowledge to deliver customized software development in such areas as: Mobile app development, Web development, Desktop development, and Embedded software development

The advanced functionality roadmap

As an IT consulting and Software developer, Elinext comes across the challenge of not only transforming the platform for their customers, but also rethinking a strategy to provide custom architectural solutions, services, and tools to empower specific businesses. The main challenges is to rationalize operations on a large scale and bring digital transformation to the traditional business models. Oracle technologies allow facing both of them. Elinext uses the custom-elaborated workflow, allowing to reduce the cost of business operations, focusing on essential competencies, and implementing new ones: they develop a clear strategy to estimate the business and technology environment and rethink the future implementation of Oracle solutions in line with it. They consider the capabilities to make the framework work for business objectives.

Elinext starts a migration plan; this appears to be the biggest challenge for organizations who work partly in the cloud and partly on-premise. Here’s where Oracle Platform-as-a-Service and Oracle Data Integrator come into play to make the migration process smoother.

Team Elinext clearly plan and predict the future changes triggered by the functionalities flowing into the Oracle Cloud. Apparently, the entire system should be at the last stage of its integration. Once the integration is done, the system will be supported by Oracle PaaS components.

Winning the heart of client is the only aim

Elinext is going to further enhance its position in Oracle implementation services by improving their software delivery, providing broader and deeper solutions across the Oracle stack, gaining advanced insights into specific industries and raising competence in new and updated Oracle solutions with a special focus on enterprise and financial management.
The main aim of Elinext is to achieve the heart of the clients and their requirement to create a custom software masterpiece demanded in the market. Every member of their staff can announce that they minimize time to market, however, complicated the task is, they put all their thoroughness and energy in what they do and they make each endeavor a success.

The values and factors that drive the company ahead

Elinext is aspiring to understand their clients’ business needs, evaluate their risks and outline the main principles of their business. Core values of Elinext are honesty, reliability, and commitment to innovation. They reckon their customers, as partners.

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