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Eli Campo: Inspiring others to Aspire, Leading his Expedition Towards Achievement

Eli CampoCEO of Nanorep, knows that one of the true challenges of an effective leader is to display focus and discipline, and use these as strengths to overcome any obstacles. By retaining clarity of who or what your organization is and strives to be, you maintain focus. Eli believes that if you are inspired by the people you’re working with and the work you’re doing, it becomes easier to keep track of how and why you do it. A leader must create an operational framework, lay out a solid strategy and boundaries, and execute while adapting.
Eli feels fortunate to be leading a growing organization at the forefront of one of the hottest topics in evolving technology. Steering the company toward success and innovation means making tough choices about the next step, deciding how to allocate resources to maximize yield, and keeping the business focused on priorities. The best advice he has for leaders is to be prepared for anything big or small, surround yourself with smart people, and trust your staff.
A Drive to Connect People                                                 
Eli is passionate about how tech is changing the way people interact with each other and the world, so as his career progressed, he selected jobs where he could focus his talents and curiosity on exploring how to help companies innovate using tech to connect with, enable, and engage people.
In the past, while working with other companies, Eli spearheaded projects from point A to point B with impressive results. But Eli knew that he wanted to be part of the whole process, creating something from scratch and getting in on the ground floor to help the project grow. He wanted to join a passion project with a vision and be a driver of the whole journey –Eli saw that opportunity at Nanorep, and he jumped at the chance to come on as CEO.
Providing Personalized Support
Nanorep is an innovative provider of self-service, virtual customer assistants, and smart bot solutions for customer service and e-commerce.
Ready-to use-solution– Fully packaged solution including touch-points for the Web, mobile, and messaging channels, best-in-class Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Knowledge Management for customers and employees.
Fast deployment– Proven track record of deploying solutions in weeks – not months – with minimal Professional Services and maximum, immediate results.
Broad analytics– Provides comprehensive analytics that not only track self-service adoption and measure the quality of responses, but also understand the intent behind customer questions.
User control– Nanorep’s guided, visual user experience allows Customer Service and Customer Experience departments and digital innovation champions to control, maintain, and optimize the solution by themselves with no IT support.
Superior AI technology– Proprietary AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies include patented Contextual – Answers™ and best-in-class Natural Language Processing (NLP).
Nanorep, headquartered in Herzliya, Israel, has been successfully implemented by more than 200 enterprises and mid-size businesses across the globe with offices in the U.S., UK, and India.
Believing in Himself
The story of Christopher Columbus’s journey – his confidence, belief, and ability to find backing for his pursuit – always inspired Eli. Columbus’ goal was to explore and go beyond what was thought possible, and in spite of doubt he ventured out into the unknown to discover something new and alter the world. This left a great impact on Eli’s worldview and influenced his goal-oriented approach. “He was brave and smart and used his courage to make change,” says Eli, who reflects on this role model to remind himself that, “what’s possible is beyond what we think we know,” and to push himself beyond constraints.
Giving a Voice to Everyone                                                                              
Being able to compile the right team and knowing their value is one of the top qualities any leader needs. Eli says, “You can’t possibly do it on your own; you need to find people with the skill sets to complement each other, with the right mentality, people who are ready to collaborate.” Eli further adds that a leader needs to be comfortable being a little uncomfortable, especially in the tech or startup world, saying “there might be times you won’t be on solid ground. Leading an expedition means a bit of instability and sometimes a lot of uncertainty. But while growth doesn’t always mean safe or expected, we are fueled by the idea that we can make an incredible impact.”  Eli thinks a good leader also looks to cultivate different voices. He believes it is important to bring together people from diverse cultures, backgrounds, generations, perspectives, leading to the creation of a beautiful harmony. It is also a leader’s job not to back away from the “notes that at first sound a bit out of tune,” because these will eventually help create melodious music.
Continuing the Path to Learning
“I think my ability to see things in people and give them the opportunities to blossom, my desire to work together and push people and really be a mentor and persist, I think that’s part of what makes me a good leader.” Traveling a lot for work, Eli is fortunate to have the opportunity to interact with different cultures, different people, and explore different methods of doing things. As CEO, Eli wants to stay ahead of the curve and the news cycle in the tech industry; whenever wants to stop this path of learning, even when it’s no longer part of the career path. He is constantly searching for new sources of information and inspiration.
As CEO,  you need perspective, which helps you make choices that you believe in – if there is no risk in your decision, then are you really making a decision?

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