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Elevate Workplace with Ethical Standards!

Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do.”
-Potter Stewart, Former Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court
Workplace ethics and business ethics refer to the ethical dimensions of organizations and commercial activities. Ethics, in general, are the set of rules that are important to be followed to be a part of society.
A company’s workplace ethics are the backbone of its company culture, guiding the decisions its management team makes. Workplace ethics are the moral principles that guide a person’s actions in the workplace.
The ethical principles like loyalty, Comradery, trustworthiness, integrity, respect, caring, responsibility, and accountability contribute towards elevating benefits for propelling any business.
To begin with, ethical policies in the workplace safeguard the fundamental human rights. This practice helps in protecting the employees from the issues such as racial or gender discrimination. The ethical standards also protect the company’s assets, stealing of office property, or breaching of confidential documents. The implementation of workplace ethics also elevates the overall atmosphere of the office providing the employees emotional, physical, or sexual security. Additionally, workplace ethics help in preventing any kind of psychological or sexual harassments within the office premises enabling the authority to take disciplinary action against the accused employee/s.
About the successful implementation of the Code of Ethics, it entirely depends upon the senior level authority and their management approach. However, many times it becomes evident that applying the ethical standards with the employees seems to be really critical for the higher authority.
Acknowledging and rewarding for employees sticking to the code of conduct proves to be the best practice; while imparting words of rejoice to the employees convicted of unethical behavior definitely promotes negative practice. A timely review and evaluation might definitely result in successful continuity of ethical standards in the workplace.
In this issue, “The 20 Best Tech Companies to Work For in 2019” we’ve enlisted some such companies which have initiated an appreciable level of ethical standards in their organizations. Here’s a glimpse of the companies enlisted:
Alertgy provides an inexpensive means to fill some major unmet needs in a mature market. The Alertgy Non-Invasive Continuous Glucose Monitor (NICGM) system is the solution. It consists of a wristband containing a biosensor device that is enabled by a smartphone application which provides diabetics with on-demand real-time levels and trends. Alertgy teams are extremely professional in their conduct and are sensitive to everyone in terms of gender, creed, nationality and other demographics.
Following that, we have Bytecoin which is a private, decentralized cryptocurrency with an open source code that allows everyone to take part in its network development. Team members learn a lot working in this industry, of course, but, outside of the empirical, team members are given unique opportunities to learn and develop their skills.
Established in 1995, Card Testing International™ (CTI) is a global leader in certification and testing for cards in the Government ID, Financial, EMVCo™, e-Passport, and Healthcare sectors to name a few. The positive work culture of CTI inspires the talent to grow, allowing staff to become invested in CTI through test development travel for tradeshows.
Founded in 2012, Denny Cherry and Associates Consulting offers the finest Cloud and Data solutions crafted by its globally renowned award-winning experts, capable of making business applications run faster, safer and more reliably than any competitor.
Based out of Canada, and serving Canada and US markets, Eperformance is an IT firm specializing in web-centric applications for electronic service delivery within the public sector. The Eperformance culture is very focused on working as one big team, in the company when someone shares their point of view or personal milestones.
We also have ISU Corp which is a high-end software consulting firm with the sole purpose of increasing the client’s profits with exceptional custom software solutions.
The other companies enlisted in this issue are: LiveHire: Putting Talent First both Inside and Out; Lunarline: A Global Cybersecurity and Privacy Solutions Company; Talegent: Leveraging Big Data to Predict Human Potential; and Trisotech: A Global Leader in Innovative Digital Enterprise Solutions.
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