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Elegant Media: Delivering Business Solutions Since Inception

Based in Australia, Elegant Media, the leader in the mobile apps category has successfully delivered more mobile apps than any other digital solutions provider in Australia.
The organization has a strong presence in enterprise mobility, with experience serving to small, medium, large and government organizations. Its primary platforms of choice are iOS and Android. With the scale and operational efficiencies, the company has been able to provide enterprise mobility solutions to its clients at a significantly lower cost compared to other providers.
The company also believes enterprise and consumer mobility solutions are one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. With the advancements of AI during the last few years, one can only expect this rate to accelerate at a much faster pace in the coming months.
The Forerunner 
As the CTO, Shane Perera, overlooks and directs the high-level technical direction of the company. According to Shane, sometimes new solutions and techniques are needed to be adapted quickly, but sometimes one has to wait until the technology matures up to a certain level.
Shane also believes, a CTO should be able to gather the right information and be effective in making the right decisions. Often when one is working with mobile devices and bleeding-edge technology, one doesn’t get a lot of time to gather all the information – because every few weeks there will be a new device, software update or a new framework being released. So it takes a significant amount of time to stay current with the information and being able to make the right decisions that can move the organization and the clients forward.
Shane also added, as the CTO of an Enterprise Mobility solutions provider, one also has to follow the guidelines and standards set by the partner hardware providers. Therefore, planning and directing the overall technical training process to stay current and competitive, fall under the objective of the CTO.
When Stability, Security and Reliability are the Main Focus 
Few of the main focuses of Elegant Media are on stability, security, and reliability of enterprise mobility solutions. The organization does this by following and continuously improving education, training and testing processes. Elegant Media is one of the few software solution providers in Australia, which has the ISO 9001 quality certification. Additionally, the company remains current with the latest improvements by being an active member of the Apple Consultants Network and being a partner of Samsung’s Enterprise Alliance.
The organization also has been awarded as a Top 50 B2B Solutions provider for 2018, and an Australian B2B Leader in 2019 by Clutch annual rankings. Elegant Media’s systems, processes, and checklists are reviewed weekly, and the management discusses the progress every fortnight. This allows the company to move faster, deliver effective results quickly to its clients. Over the past 12 months, Elegant Media has been investing heavily in automation and AI to improve the quality of its projects.
Tackling Unpaved Roads 
When it comes to challenges, the industry is facing a growing number of companies that are now approaching technology as a mobile-first user experience. However, within organizations, desktop use is still high with business applications. This creates a challenging position for enterprises, because they’re forced to implement mobile solutions while retaining their desktop experiences. This is now often achieved by moving to a microservices based architecture or an Application Programming Interface (API) driven backend as a single source of truth (SSOT).
What’s in the Store? 
Often it has been prevalent in the solutions providers’ space to charge fees based on the prestige level of the Client, which has led to companies with famous brands and government organizations to being charged a premium. However, Elegant Media changed that approach in the industry by introducing standard pricing models, where regardless the type of Client, the brand name, or the Consultant that one speaks to, will be guaranteed the same pricing.
As a company, Elegant Media sees itself as an innovator in the enterprise mobility industry. Its Enterprise Clients’ general feedback is that Elegant Media is one of the most cost-effective mobile solution providers in Australia. Currently, the company is investing heavily on automation and AI; so it can put downward pressure on raising software development costs, and as a result, Elegant Media can continue to pass that benefit to its Clients.
Client Feedbacks 
“The team at Elegant Media helped me through the entire process and had many good ideas and recommendations for my App. I am very happy with the developing process and the end results of the developed App.” – Samuel Ewens, Entrepreneur
“Elegant Media have been excellent from start to finish in scoping and then undertaking the work for what is a complex project with literally hundreds of formulae that need to be free from errors and able to ‘talk to one another.’ I have always felt that I have been kept informed as to the progress of the project and when needed, Elegant Media has provided some excellent ideas as to how to achieve outcomes.” – Steve Selig, Phd., Entrepreneur.