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Electric Cloud: Every Business is a Software Business

DevOps Release Automation is a rapidly maturing area of IT. As with all new areas, there is plenteous confusion around what DevOps Release Automation really is, and the best way to go about it. Finding new ways to implement and cater the industry with utmost dedication, Electric Cloud became the pioneer in DevOps Release Automation. Now, they help organizations develop enterprise web/IT, mobile and embedded systems applications deliver better software faster by automating and accelerating build, deployment and release processes at scale. Leading organizations like Cisco, E*TRADE, Gap, GE, HP, Intel, Lockheed Martin, Sony and Qualcomm use Electric Cloud solutions and services to boost DevOps productivity and agile throughput while providing a scalable, auditable, predictable and high-performance pathway to production.
Being a Path Finder
Steve Brodie, CEO of Electric Cloud, holds a Bachelors of Science degree in computer and systems engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and is a graduate of the executive management program from the University of Washington. With a rich experience of over 25 years, Steve has worked as a leader in numerous enterprise software industries, introducing new technologies to the market for both venture-backed startups and leading enterprise IT organizations. Prior to joining Electric Cloud, Steve was Group Vice President and General Manager of the Application Lifecycle Management Business Unit at Serena Software, where he spearheaded the Orchestrated ALM strategy as well as the company’s entry and growth in release management, a cornerstone technology for DevOps. Prior to Serena, Steve served as President and Chief Products & Marketing Officer at Skytap, a leading provider of self-service cloud automation solutions, where he was responsible for delivering the world’s first VMware-based public cloud. He also led the Load Testing and Application Performance Management product teams at HP/Mercury Interactive. Previously, he has also held senior product management positions at IBM/Rational.
Catering Industry needs with Innovative Products
For over a decade, Electric Cloud has been helping organizations automate and accelerate their software delivery. ElectricFlow, the company’s end-to-end DevOps Release Automation platform has recently been named the leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Application Release Automation – getting the highest scores for both vision and execution.
ElectricFlow orchestrates and automates the entire software delivery pipeline. By allowing customers to plug in all the point-tools, environments and processes involved in their delivery process, they also help organizations to compose the end-to-end pipeline, achieve visibility, compliance and control over the entire release process.
With ElectricFlow, enterprises can model their application delivery pipelines, to normalize their “Pathways to Production” as much as possible to allow faster feedback loops and reusability across the organization, while supporting the specific needs of different teams or variants of the application. The ability to have consistent build, test and deployment processes that everyone benefits from being the ‘Holy Grail’ for enterprises as they take the next steps in their DevOps adoption towards scaling DevOps in the organization.
By standardizing on ElectricFlow to manage their tools and processes across the organization, customers eliminate configuration drift, bottlenecks in the pipeline, and save on operational cost and management overhead. The tight integration between the various processes and tools eliminates manual hand offs or silos of automation to speed up cycle times, provide better product quality and improve resource utilization.
Taking Employee and Client Satisfaction to a New Level.
At Electric Cloud they believe; “As a 100-person company, whether you’re developing a new feature, or helping a customer, your contribution at Electric Cloud is important — starting on day one.”
“We have huge customers. What you create here affects how cars are made in Korea, mobile phones in Sweden, and the most sophisticated medical devices are developed in the United States — to name a few.”
The way Electric Cloud works:
Listen – They pay attention to their market, customers and team. They tend to become better when they understand and empathize.
Act – They embrace action. They continuously iterate because frequent, small action leads to enduring marketplace success.
Deliver – They own and are accountable for their shared success. As a team, they never hesitate to pitch in or ask for help.
Measure – They trust in evidence over anecdotes. They believe in measuring and learning from results.
Share – They celebrate and share their successes, as measured by the value and joy delivered to their customers, their community, and their team.
Creating a Strong Clientele Base
Companies like E*Trade, HPE, GAP and Huawei trust Electric Cloud with their DevOps Release Automation for faster releases, fewer process errors, better visibility and better software quality. For Huawei, ElectricFlow is part of a comprehensive solution, completing more than 2000 releases per year, 50K compile & builds per day, 100 million test cases run per day including more than 30 million LOC for a very complex product. They have completed more than 480K code review/analysis per year and more than 170K system integration testing per year. E*Trade uses ElectricFlow for faster build, test and deploy cycles for their website, mobile clients, trading engine and settling systems. By using ElectricFlow, their clients have experienced 12x faster delivery.

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