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Eko Communications: Achieving Big Milestones by Delivering Cutting-edge Mobile Communication Platform

To dream big is not an easy task, it needs courage. To follow that dream is even more difficult which needs diligence, willingness to learn and adaptability, and to transform those dreams into reality requires persistence. The right blend of these traits in the right way always leads towards humongous success and immense recognition. Eko Communications is one such firm that has imbibed these core values in its work culture. And due to these, in a very short span of time, Eko Communications has seen tremendous growth and is moving ahead with light fastening speed. Today, their mobile first platform is bringing teams together and has achieved a praiseworthy milestone of connecting over 2,00,000 users in real-time(with more than 10 million messages sent) through Eko’s communication platform till date.
Eko Communications is a leading mobile startup company of the Southeast Asia region. With the mission to make the lives of workers better, Eko Communications was founded in 2012.They have built an advanced communication platform that contains a wide range of communicative and collaborative features which empowers people with their job. The core objective of their services is to unlock the true potential of cloud and mobile technology to revolutionize the way people work.
They have an expertise in delivering cutting-edge mobile communication and collaborative solution for organizations, to increase the job productivity and employee efficiency. Their communication services primarily focus on workers whose job does not requires them to sit behind a computer all the day, instead ready to perform their task on-the-go, from anywhere at any time with the help of mobile phone and cloud technology.
Their mobile application allows staff, managers, and executives to engage in a variety of ways. The application provide numerous services like 1-1 chat, group chats, voice calls, video calls, file sharing, voice messages, polls, and broadcasts. These telecommunication services bring teams together and empower them with tools for more efficient communication.
Eko Communications telecommunication platform is built to provide smart workflow for business process improvements. Every company has some sort of predefined task, approval process, document submission, report generation, task management and more. With Eko’s smart workflow, an organization can ensure business processes move more smoothly, where employees have the full liberty to work even from a remote location. Thus it offers flexibility and also saves time for employees in a most secure and customized fashion.
Today, Eko Communications is moving on the path to success, but it has not been easy, since the start of their journey. The Eko team has faced many challenges. One of the biggest was finding the right talent and training them up for different departments in a balanced fashion to meet their growing customer base demands. But the hunger to grow further, led them to move one notch higher each time when they encountered challenges. The firm is continuously growing year-over-year and is regularly competing with giants like Microsoft and Google and is achieving very remarkable results as well. Praise from prominent clients and recognition from industry veterans itself tell their success story.
“With Eko, we are sure that our guests are having a great experience — from the very first moment they check in. Eko guarantees that our staff reacts fast and professionally to all our guests needs.”— Markus Schneider, General Manager at U Sathorn Hotel
“At TM, we’ve created an amazing internal communication application powered by Eko and it has revolutionized the way we do work. It has transformed our communications enabling faster decision making, faster escalation and instant problem solving amongst staff. There is only one word for it – Revolutionary” Izlyn Ramli, Vice President, Group Brand & Communications Telekom Malaysia
· A prominent business magazine has listed Eko Communications in the list of top 25 Amazon solution provider for July 2017 edition.
· Frost & Sullivan recognized it as the ‘Most Innovative Enterprise Messaging Service Provider for the Year 2016.’
Young and Passionate Architect of Eko Communications
Korawad Chearavanont is the CEO & Founder of Eko Communications. Born and raised in Bangkok, Korawad started working for Eko since the age of 16, and eventually dropped out of Columbia University to work at Eko for full time. He is leading the firm with great zeal and passion and as a result of this, Eko Communications is able to fetch many eminent clients whose combined market capitalization amount worth over US$50 billion. He also helped the company to raise over US$9 million money for business expansion. His leadership and business acumen have been praised by many. In the recent times, Forbes magazine has featured Korawad in their Asia’s 30 under 30 lists of young entrepreneurs that are making a huge mark in the industry.
Eko’s view on Current Industry Scenario
AWS has been a primary driver of innovation in the software space since its inception. Eko predicts that AWS will continue to build much more innovative applications in the future, and will provide efficient services to their AWS customers for revolutionary changes across a variety of industries, specifically with services like AI, speech & object recognition, and server-less computing.
Eko Communications also praises its association with Amazon which has helped to educate clients in the region about the benefits of cloud computing and to alleviate any fears, so that they can best leverage software like Eko.
Future Prospective
Eko Communications has very ambitious plans for the upcoming year. They are looking for business expansion in Europe and North America. With a series B round of financing and adding more innovative and interesting features for the mobile communication platform, they are hopeful to take the company fortune to a new level in the near future.