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EFG Hermes: Delivering Quality-Financial Products and Services across its Expanding Footprint

With its global footprint spanning over nine countries, across three continents, EFG Hermes is a leading investing bank in the MENA region. EFG Hermes offers securities brokerage, research, investment banking, asset management and private equity services across markets with an aggregate population of 2.1 billion and combined GDP of more than $11.3 trillion. Since incepting in Egypt, the Company has grown over 30 years of success to become a leading financial services corporation with access to emerging and frontier markets.
At the core of the company’s mission lies an unwavering commitment to create and unlock value for all of its stakeholders, while also having a positive impact on the economies and societies in which it operates. EFG Hermes ensures this by constantly working to enhance its position across all markets, and expand its geographical presence.
An Insightful Look at the Company
The Company was founded back in 1984, when the opportunity to provide financial advisory became apparent as Egypt embarked on its transition to a more market economy. After becoming the leading investment bank in Egypt, during the early 2000s, it led a successful regional expansion to become a top-level institution in GCC. Gulf Cooperation Council leads exchanges on the securities brokerage level, offers pioneering asset management products and has a growing reach on the private equity level that has seen the division manage renewable and infrastructural investments in Western European jurisdictions. Presently, EFG Hermes is adapting this expansion strategy and striving to become a leading financial services corporation on a global scale.
A Leader with two Decades of Experience
Karim Awad, Group CEO of EFG Hermes, is the visionary who has helped solidify the firm’s leading position in MENA region, ever since he took charge of the position in 2013. By leveraging his two decade of experience in investment banking, Karim has guided the company through the challenging conditions of Egypt’s economy in recent years.
Karim joined EFG Hermes’ Investment Banking Division as a fresh graduate. Prior to EFG Hermes, he has had a long track record advising major corporations on equity offerings and M&A transactions and played an instrumental role in the development of EFG Hermes’ debt advisory practice. During his tenure in the Investment Banking Division, he led and closed transactions with an aggregate value of more than USD 40 billion.
Throughout EFG Hermes’s transformation period, which saw the firm grow beyond its domestic market, expand its product offering and withstand headwinds across MENA over the last decade, Karim led by example and promoted perseverance as one of the core virtues that define the company.
Grabbing the Opportunities and Overcoming the Challenges
One of the most compelling opportunities, lying at the forefront of EFG Hermes’ strategy is tapping into the enormous potential of the underpenetrated frontier emerging markets. In 2017 itself, EPG has spread its tentacles to open-up offices in Pakistan and Kenya and has initiated coverage in Nigeria, Uganda, and Vietnam, among others.
Karim mentions, “Having an on-the-ground presence is crucial to achieve returns in these markets with low transparency and difficult operating conditions.” EFG Hermes is leveraging its track-record and knowledge of the frontier emerging markets to give clients access to these markets, which encompasses over 2 billion people, many of whom are part of a growing global middle-class. With its recent office opening in New York, the company will be able to offer its global clients 24-hours of access to these markets.
Among the key challenges facing the industry, particularly within the MENA region, is the shift in investor appetite towards non-traditional investment themes. Moreover, global geo-political instability has also driven financial institutions to diversify their investments and synthesize creative financial products, which has been one of the main drivers behind the growth of fin-tech within the region in recent years.
Delivering World-Class Products and Services for over 30 Years
EFG Hermes offers its international client base with local intelligence and consistent delivery of world-class products and services. Furthermore, the firm manages two of the world’s largest MENA & frontier investment events – the London Conference and the world-renowned EFG Hermes One on One Conference. These events garner attendance of the world’s most prominent fund managers, investors, and financial institutions in direct meetings with some of the most compelling frontier and emerging market opportunities – represented by c-suite executives of the top-listed companies.
EFG Hermes’s steadfast commitment to its stakeholders reflects in the value it creates for both institutional and retail clients. Additionally, its world-class approach to compliance and corporate governance has earned it the unparalleled reputation for integrity over the last 30-plus years.
A Six-Pillar Strategy
EFG Hermes boasts a six-pillar strategy, emphasizing upon people, positioning, products, geographical presence, profitability, and public responsibility. Currently, the company’s biggest focus is rapid but prudent expansion of its geo-graphical presence into the frontier emerging market.
Simultaneously, EFG Hermes is also working to develop new products and explore opportunities in non-banking financial services in Egypt, while expanding its traditional investment bank services across its global footprint. Through all of this, EFG Hermes continues to invest in its people by launching a new world-class, internal talent-development program. It is also honoring its commitment to public responsibility by giving back to the community, integrating sustainability in its investments, internal practices and its culture across all of its offices.
Future of Continual Expansion
EFG Hermes hopes and will deliver on its strategy and continue to reinforce its brand equity as a tier-1 financial services corporation, with a growing access into frontier markets. In addition to growing its globular presence, the Firm is leveraging its balance sheet to launch and continue developing its merchant banking model.
The company is also expanding the reach of its brokerage offerings with its new online trading platform – EFG Hermes One – which provides clients with access to financial instruments in MENA markets and global exchanges. On the consumer front, EFG Hermes is in the process of launching a revolutionary new fin-tech product, which will be the first of its kind in the local market.
“Our vision is to continue to deliver global-quality financial products and services that meet the needs of our diversified client base across our expanding footprint. The success of these products is fueled by our people, our most valuable asset,” concludes Karim.

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