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Eduardo W. Jorgensen: Medical Doctor and Healthcare Entrepreneur

In an Interview with Insights Success, Eduardo W. Jorgensen, CEO and Co-founder of MedicSen shares his contribution in the medical and healthcare sector through MedicSen. He has been executive officer for different projects (from medical school to his own ideas) and thus, he has formed and guided teams to solve complex tasks through lean startup and scientific R&D. MedicSen offers Smart Treatment of Diabetes and other Chronic Diseases.
Below are the highlights of the interview between Eduardo W. Jorgensen and Insights Success:
Give a brief overview of your background and your role in MedicSen.
I have been CEO of different projects (from medical school to my own ideas) and thus, I have formed and guided teams to solve complex tasks through lean startup and scientific R&D. While being the CEO and co-founder of MedicSen (team of 20), I raised funds, successfully completed 3 individual R&D projects (algorithm for predicting glucose, user interface to increase adherence and non-invasive drug delivery system), filed a patent and negotiated with pharma and tech companies worldwide. Thanks to those technologies and companies, I have been awarded as the Spanish innovator of the year 2017 by MIT, one of the Forbes 30 under 30 2018 and one of the 23 young Spanish minds that will shape the future of tech by business insider. My goal is to help shape the use of technology in medicine, and I keep looking forward for new opportunities to keep learning and improving in business, technology, science and innovation.
How do you diversify your organization’s solutions that appeal to your target audience?
Diversifying is always a challenging task. Our approach when developing new tech is always asking the user first. We scout for disruptive tech and business models; we analyze the environment and come up with ideas based on our travels and negotiations. Then we share those ideas within the team and perform a superficial cost-benefit analysis. If we can build an easy MVP or the project points to huge benefits then we start creating it. Once we have that MVP we test it with potential users and payers to get their feedback and then we implement the needed modifications.
What is your approach towards the latest technological innovations? How is it changing your role?
We embrace tech innovation. The company was founded on those grounds and we develop our own disruptive innovations. When it comes to team management and organization, project development, or even software architecture, we always rely on the latest technological trends. Very recently we changed our full server structure from Microsoft to a Scale-up with very good support. I believe that tech innovation should always be embraced by good leaders and growing organizations.
Describe some of the vital attributes that every CEO should possess.
As a CEO you need to make decisions. Probably the most important attribute that I see is to not be paralyzed by fear; to be able to have a strong confidence that one will prevail, even though is capable of understanding the brutal facts. It is also very important to put people first, in the end everything depends on the team and how happy they are. And finally the concept of baby steps… you have to see both the tree and the forest, and you have to know when to look macro and when micro. Growing and acting step by step is the only way to succeed.
What are the experiences and lessons that you’ve learned across your journey?
I have learnt a lot; probably the most important things could be that if one does such an exhausting job as being a CEO, he/she should be very passionate about it. Passion drives motivation and that’s the only way to keep fighting every day. Also one should analyze what will make the business grow and focus on creating strategies to achieve those targets; prioritizing is the key to an efficient growth. And I learnt to trust my gut. There will be times where information will tell you to go in different directions and the only final option will be to trust your instinct, so it is better to train it as much as possible.
According to you which are the technological innovations that will play an important role in shaping businesses in coming times?
I believe Blockchain will have a major impact in our daily lives, such as new insurance models adapted to the needs of each client. Artificial Intelligence to solve common needs such as accounting or legal support promises faster and cheaper company management. And finally custom data analysis models will enrich business operations and client relations (I also believe that email will decrease its use within business relations but I am unsure about how or when).
Where does MedicSen see itself in the near future and how do you plan to sustain its competency?
We want to become the worldwide leaders in diabetes management and treatment of chronic conditions, innovating in other diseases and building medical devices to improve quality of life. Our strategy is to not disrupt the established market of sensors and drugs, only the drug delivery space with an innovative needle-free device, and partner with pharmaceutical and technological companies to decrease the risk and increase the potential success of our market entry strategies.
What advice would you like to give to the young minds?
No dream is too big, but you have to make sure that it is really your dream. If you find your passion you´ll keep fighting no matter what, so it is really important to find something that you love, something that turns sacrifice into happiness.