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Edith N. Nordmann | Managing Partner | Attorney at Law | ACG International


The greatness of a person has to be established by his or her ability to thrive even in tough times. When going gets tough, the tough gets going. The challenges like covid-19 reveals the substance of great leaders. To run a successful business even in the times of pandemic is not an easy task for a leader. Edith N. Nordmann is one impactful businesswoman who is able to run ACG International successfully even in tough times like this pandemic. She likes to do what she loves, and she works with international clients to solve their issues in a professional and pleasant way. Edith believes that the most important thing is that people really love what they do, only then they can do their job well and keep doing it well.

“I feel very privileged being able to do what I love, working with wonderful international clients and helping them solving their problems in a professional and pleasant way.”

Edith is Managing Partner at ACG International and in her role, she selects the best team for each assignment. This is quite different than in any other law firm as she really looks for the best team for each and every job searching at various firms to get just the right people. She wants the best result for ACG International’s clients and does not like to keep her own lawyers busy if they are not the right fit for an individual project. This works really well, and she can use her enormous network that she has built up personally in the last 20 years with trusted colleagues all over the world.
Experienced Corporate and Commercial Litigator
Edith is an experienced corporate and commercial litigator, with an expert qualification in employment law and is an international ADR certified mediator. She is specialized in cross border business transactions and combines all these skills and expertise for the benefit of her international clients assisting them in getting deals done and finding solutions that achieve the best results for their actual needs.
Assisting Clients in Unique Way
Edith is fluent in German (native speaker), English, Dutch, French and Italian and understands difference in mentality, culture and legal systems, assisting ACG International’s clients in a unique way. She is a public speaker on various international conferences and engages in many charitable and social organizations using her professional expertise, not only helping others but also empowering them in their endeavours.
ACG International’s special approach to assembling the best team for every single assignment is choosing cost-effective people if the client needs something simple, a junior and less expensive person can do the job. But if the task is complex, ACG International easily gets a team of the best experts on the various aspects within just a few days. This tailormade approach not only to the individual client but also to each of his individual assignments has led to the fact that ACG International’s clients have stayed with the organization for many years.
Impactful Leadership
Edith always tells her new employees that once they don’t like what they do anymore, no matter how much revenue they create, they should leave. Edith likes to work with an enormously dedicated group of people, highly enthusiastic about their work and delivering top notch quality. She believes that good communication is key part of impactful leadership. Edith believes that to cope with the pressure in the business it is important to have a pleasant atmosphere in the business premises and she supports and creates such pleasant atmosphere in ACG International.
Smooth Continuation of Operations in Pandemic
ACG International worked remotely right from the beginning of the pandemic. All its people have laptops, and it has a secure online database. The team uses MS Teams to be in touch and that works great. The adjustment for ACG International in the pandemic was actually just to schedule team meetings but apart from that all was already in place. Explaining upfront how things are going to be, makes clients at ease and they trust the organization, which ACG International highly appreciates. This all leads to smooth continuation of the operations and comfort to its clients. Edith is happy to say that sustaining operations so far during the pandemic time has not been a problem for ACG International. As ACG International has been working with clients for many years, business just goes on. Court work has changed so far as it has got online court sessions and physical court hearings. The online hearings were different in so far as for some of them Edith and her team could sit with organization’s clients in its conference room and use the big screen, which was really pleasant and for clients abroad that needed different logins which was a bit more challenging especially if a translator was involved as well, but it all worked fine.
Understanding Perspective of Clients
Edith believes that what the pandemic teaches us is that more than ever a trusted personal relationship is important. Especially in cross border business one fully needs to understand the cultural differences in order to being able to assist clients in the best possible way. Everyone thinks that his home situation – business wise as well as legally – is normal. That’s why she thinks that lawyers in their relationship with their clients need to understand what their clients think that “normal” is and explain them how the current situation deviates from their “normal” and what this means for them. Edith considers that if we just carry on with our routine not taking this into consideration, we will lose our client’s trust along the way.
Getting with a Motivated Team
Edith advises aspiring women entrepreneurs to be very honest about what they are really good at and what their burning desire is. According to her, a burning desire means that one will go for it day after day, go to sleep with it and wake up with the spirit to work on it. She considers that money is not a burning desire; it’s a result of one’s choices and perseverance. Therefore, she advises to focus on one’s moonshot, one’s qualities and one’s burning desire – and be honest about it, especially to oneself! Getting at a case with a motivated team and a strong adversary puts a big smile on Edith’s face every morning.
Being Sharp in Business Analysis
Edith believes that it is important to revisit one’s business model and think what one’s business is really good at. Too often due to circumstances businesses start off with a great mission but lose  their focus along the way because other opportunities present themselves. Edith considers that now is the time to be really sharp in the analysis of what one’s business excels at and to focus on this excellence getting rid of what one is not so good at and what does not fit one’s DNA. That’s the only way she believes to thrive in the coming years.