Selecting the most suitable and efficient roof safety system is vital, especially for those in the construction industry. But the process can often be daunting for newbies, who may not know which key points to remember when choosing the best solution.

For instance, they may be unaware that they need to consider the installation cost, type, roof space, and similar details for edge protection solutions. Moreover, they might not choose the best vendor for the job, further complicating a reasonably easy task.

So, beginners can refer to the following vital points, listing some proven ideas for adequate height protection.

  • Non-penetrating Guardrails

The construction industry market size is over a trillion dollars at present and is expected to rise further, showcasing how crucial safety systems are now more than ever. One of the most sought-after methods is the freestanding (or non-penetrating) guardrails that do not require the floor to be drilled, welded or cut open in any other way.

Instead, the handrail is steady in place as it stands on weighted cast-iron foundations, ensuring the roof surface remains intact. It is cost-effective, quick to set up, and an excellent collective protection system compared to individual setups.

  • Skylight Fall Protection

Several workers need to constantly work on or around skylights, risking deadly falls in the absence of adequate protection. Invariably, you must ensure there are screens, railings, or even cages, depending on the specific requirements, to keep the workers safe at all times.

Consider the space, skylight design, budget, installation cost and time, and other details to determine which variant best suits the area. Typically, a non-penetrable model that you can clamp to the curb is a wise choice, as you can quickly remove it once the job is complete.

  • Active Fall Restraints

These are remarkably popular safety precautions involving the worker’s active role, preventing the individual from dangerous falls off ledges. Generally, they include anchors, lanyards, ladder fall arrests, safety harnesses, and lifelines, to name a few.

Also, these contraptions can usually be moved as the workers move from one spot to another during a job. For example, workers can shift them during painting jobs on the sides of a building.

  • Others 

Besides the popular options above, you can also consider permanent railings, especially suited for most manufacturing plants, mezzanines, and other high platforms. Robust crossovers are also a great idea, helping employees safely cross conveyor belts, industrial pipes, and other potentially dangerous regions in a commercial setup.

Moreover, you can find an expert to customize movable metal ladders, fixed security frames, and other ergonomic designs for your facility.

Choosing a Reliable Expert is Paramount

For edge protection solutions that work, finding a reliable, reputable, and experienced industry expert is imperative, enabling you to enjoy value for your investment. Ideally, you should find someone well-established with a broad client base of massive brands, proving their authenticity and quality of service. Also, consider their products list to ensure they provide all the above-listed safety systems and more at affordable prices.

Browsing through the client testimonials, gallery, and user-friendly blogs on their website can help you gauge their success rate and efficacy, helping you determine if they are the best fit for you. Finally, you can call on the number provided on the site to learn more in detail about their products and services, gaining incredible insight and assistance in making a sound choice.

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