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Edge Computing: Upcoming Endeavor in Data Processing

Few years ago, when cloud storage revolutionized every industry, new aspects on data storage and processing were opened. But the technology is evolving with every minute and every innovation becomes old and needs an update according to necessity.  Tech gadgets and devices have become more popular and are storing immense level of data every day. Cloud storage has come up as the solution but it is assumed that in 2020 every person will generate 1.5 GB data per day. To store, secure and process that much of data, industry will need a more fast data processing system to support cloud storage.

Edge computing could be nascent technology in field of data storage and fast connectivity. By processing data from its source, it will reduce processing time.

Edge computing will not depend on any particular or central storage to process data. With Edge computing, device can process data by itself and from source with instant action and functionality.
Scope, Need, and Demand
Now AI has brought disruption in every industry. Automotive, Healthcare and Manufacturing industry is top of them. In future, these following industries will introduce more IoT devices and wearables than any other. Hence, they will need fast data connectivity to operate flexibly.
Automotive: Transport and vehicle industry is now using various types of sensors to get real-time data from vehicles. To make consumer’s journey more comfortable and hassle-free, car companies are approaching for less human interacted cars, where vehicles can individually handle operations. In such situation, seconds of delay in data processing can be a matter of life and death. To avoid any sudden situation, Edge computing would be a game changer where sensors will directly transfer data from its source, and decrease lag time.
Manufacturing: Manufacturing industries are now becoming more dependent than ever. To increase productivity, more self-operated machines are being used. These machines are extensively used concerning which its capacity and can result in permanent damage. Avoiding situations like this Edge computing can be a big help, wherein real-time data of the machines will be recorded and it can display its actual condition and help to repair in time.
Healthcare: Healthcare industry is booming with automatic and robotic machines. With an increasing number of medical cases, the pressure has in the healthcare industry. Nowadays, automated devices and wearables are used commonly. These devices are generating loads of data, which is processed through a central or cloud server so it could be properly analyzed and sorted. Due to extravagant processing, gathering data from the central server, which is related to the patient’s health history can get delayed.. By Edge computing, the critical data will be transferred to the edge devices of the network and would gather when needed without any delay.
There are other industries like Security, Marketing, Agriculture, Finance and Energy which will get benefits out of Edge Computing too. With increase in IoT devices, the need of better storage capacity and higher connectivity will increase. Edge computing has solutions related to connectivity and ability to empower storage capacity which will further catalyze the growth of numerous sectors.
IoT devices will generate more data than ever and due to limited network bandwidth processing will become slow. Adopting Edge computing will increase the bandwidth quality of IoT devices through fast data connectivity. In industries where instant data collection and process required more often, Edge computing of data can be a more secure option. Meanwhile, where data connections are more close, IoT gateway works more sophisticatedly, and work as computing nod and analyze the data instantly without sending it to cloud storage.
Edge Computing will not just increase efficiency and security it will enhance growth a cost effectively. Now industries are using cloud storage as primary data collector where all types of low and high frequencies are measured. This high frequency captures will increase data burden and create complications in data analyzing. Instead of sending high-frequency data to cloud storage, IoT gateway act as computing nod and analyze data locally by using Edge computing. Edge computing offers better memory storage solution according to future needs of industry. Making automated devices more sufficient, effective and most importantly more responsive.

– Rohit Chaturvedi

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