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eData Platform: The Future of Healthcare Software

For all the technological advances of recent times that continue to transform the way we live, work and interact, huge gaps in the quality and delivery of healthcare remain a dismal reality. Not only do these shortcomings endanger lives and affect patient wellbeing, they also have a negative impact on the investments of stakeholders in the healthcare industry. The ability to leverage technology and bridge the information gap has the power to revolutionize healthcare today and mold its future tomorrow. A Florida-based company is surging forward with that goal as its mission statement.
Meet eData Platform.
Fomenting Meaningful Change
eData Platform is, at its core, a software development company. However, that is a very superficial description for an organization that is truly on the cusp of bringing real, meaningful, and lasting change to healthcare.
eData Platform is not just developing software in the way that countless other companies do. Instead, it has already succeeded in creating and implementing a cloud-based enterprise data management platform that utilizes cuttingedge technology to achieve medical record management interoperability.
The company has timed its development perfectly – the network of interconnected devices that constitutes the Internet of Things (IoT) is adding an entirely new dimension to the equation in their favor.
Incorporated into the platform, it reinforces and magnifies their ability to gather, collate, organize and employ critical and peripheral data in real time. eData Platform calls the concept ‘Real Time Interoperability’.
Both patients and healthcare professionals get unprecedented control and access to medical data at any place and at any time with this groundbreaking approach.
Patients before Profit
The company has used an agnostic foundation for its platform. This simplifies development and expansion while allowing users to seamlessly adopt new technology and avoid costly upgrades.
The concept remains the same, regardless of the specific vertical that the client is deploying, be it DMR, a Case Management System, or LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System). eData Platform installs on top of their core structure so access to tools and other utilities is upgraded, not lost.
Critically, maintenance requirements are drastically reduced and clients get an improvement in capabilities without the accompanying expenses. This was a very deliberate business decision taken by the eData Platform team. They are averse to what is known in the industry as a ‘vendor hostage’ situation where the client has no choice but to persist with expensive upgrades because changing vendors is both financially and practically unfeasible.
By contrast, eData Platform is very transparent with its systems and refrains from imposing long-term contracts on clients. They have the choice to leave at any time after the initial period of agreement and take all their data with them.
Experience-Driven Leadership
Insight Success spoke to the Chief Technology Officer of eData Platform, Nathan Rozenfeld, who also performs the role of senior solutions architect with the company’s core R&D team.
Nathan has been in the industry for over two decades and has been personally involved in more than 250 software solution implementations worldwide. The breadth of expertise and depth of firsthand knowledge garnered across his brilliant career is now driving eData Platform’s trailblazing march into the future.
“I have been fortunate enough to work on a very diverse range of projects and with such varied clients,” he says.
“That has given me a sixth sense for what will work and what won’t in a healthcare data management solution. What we should take into consideration when we design a system and what we should avoid, who should be our audience and who should be the driving force.”
“All these things, combined together with my experience and feel give me the confidence to lead a very talented and skilled core team of designers.”
A Pressing Need
Nathan says that two primary factors drove eData Platform’s entry into the healthcare arena.
“Globalization and rapid development. Many parents are concerned about the shift from disease prevention to disease management that they have seen since their own childhoods. Medication is pushed on children unnecessarily and while we enjoy greater life expectancies, it is driven by pills and procedures.”
eData Platform wants to use data to circumvent the treatment phase. It is using advanced analytics to predict potential problems and prevent them before they occur. The company envisions this early response system replacing the current healthcare approach that it believes is disproportionately reliant on passive intervention.
As an example, Nathan quotes the statistics of the effectiveness of the flu vaccine during the most recent flu season.
“The inefficiency was 37%,” he exclaims, “Can you imagine the mortality that it would have caused? With the correct and more complete information available to doctors in real time, they could have gauged the situation and made better-informed decisions that would have saved lives.”
Standing Distinctly Apart
eData Platform recognizes that software systems have often been regarded as a necessary evil by most healthcare industry professionals. They tend to believe that the technology makes life easier but is expensive and difficult to maintain while changing systems is extremely disruptive and requires tedious retraining.
A holistic, open software system is the eData Platform difference.
“AI and predictive engines are our proactive healthcare partners,” explains Nathan, “Dynamic data goes so far beyond what the current EMR and EHR systems offer that it is like equating a space shuttle to a horse carriage – there is simply no comparison!”
eData Platform wants to give healthcare professionals the resources and the technology that will enable them to spend less time with software and more time with their patients who need them.
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