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Emanuel Heisenberg, Co-founder and CEO, ecoworks

ecoworks: Digitizing Energetic Renovations for the Housing and Construction Industry

Earth is warming faster than it has ever been before. Extreme weather events such as droughts, heat waves, heavy rains, floods, and landslides are becoming more common because of climate change. To limit these severe environmental calamities, it is essential to achieve the climate neutrality aim and focusing on green tech solutions can help boost this motto.
In pertinence, the necessity of Greentech companies has emerged significantly. Solving the problems caused by climate change can result in successful business and enormous potential for the Greentech industry. Climate neutrality gives businesses a strategic competitive advantage. The companies that grasp this concept first will be the future victors.
Many companies have already initiated bringing about a change in traditional scenarios with their go-green strategy. One of the leading names in that list is ecoworks, which provides Net Zero modernization of buildings and infrastructures.
ecoworks digitizes and industrializes energy upgrades for the housing and construction industries, making it possible to make the building stock climate-neutral in a timely and appealing manner.
Why ecoworks?
215 million apartments in the EU are highly inefficient and are waiting for renovation. However, there are no tech companies available to significantly accelerate renovations. With the present deep renovation rate in the EU of 0.2%, it would take 500 years to fully decarbonize the EU building stock. As a pioneer and technological innovator in Europe, ecoworks renovates multi-level buildings with automated, digital planning, and prefabricated timber frame, facade, and roof elements.
ecoworks renews facades, roofs, and windows. The Berlin-based PropTech uses only factory-produced facade and roof elements as well as pre-assembled building technology, thus reducing the amount of work required in a project by up to 80 percent.
In a second step, the previously inefficient building is converted into a small, decentralized power plant by installing photovoltaic systems as well as heat pumps and thermal reservoirs. The modernized buildings will then generate more energy than the occupants consume for heating, hot water, and electricity. ecoworks feeds the surplus green energy into the public power grid. Our clients are housing companies with more than 2,000 apartments.
Inspiring Leadership
Emanuel Heisenberg, Co-founder, and CEO of ecoworks worked for 15 years as a founder in renewable energies, founding and developing a decentralized energy company and a deep geothermal project developer. He is also a speaker and an expert advisor in the field of energy and climate change. He advises the German government and is a frequent author on climate issues.
Emanuel shared his thoughts about implementation of advanced technology into work culture. He believes deep tech was always at the core of clean tech. However, now it is combined with investment power, and sales and marketing knowledge as the climate crisis becomes more and more urgent and the customer need is obvious.
The COVID-19 pandemic shackled the whole world and isolated everything. It impacted the global industries badly and stopped the wheels of growth. ecoworks was no exception to this. Talking about the challenges that arrived through the pandemic, Emanuel said, “The main challenge in the pandemic was to enter houses that we renovate and communicate with housing companies and tenants.”
Towards a Successful Future
Team ecoworks is planning to scale delivered projects and its sales pipeline significantly. It ensures capacity by building its first automated factory. ecoworks has a number of leading customers such as LEG SE and delivered as an innovation leader – the first serial CO2-neutral renovation in Germany.
It is an ever-growing sector and opportunities are there for the entrepreneurs. Emanuel advice the budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the green tech market, “Focus on innovation and get people on the bus who are able to scale.