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Eaton’s high-performance UPS for Data center

Eaton, the Power Management Company has introduced Power Xpert 9395 UPS in the America.
The new version of Eaton’s Power Xpert 9395 UPS is well structured energy efficient and gives more scalable battery support for data centers, light industrial applications and multi-tenant data centers (MTDCs).It supplies ten percent more power than the previous model in the same footprint, with 275 kilowatt (kW) modules at a power rating of 675-1100 kW/kVA.
Larger UPS for large utilities
Eaton says, Larger UPSs are needed because of growing demand for large facilities. The new Power Xpert 9395 supplies up to 99 percent efficiency across loads and provides double-conversion efficiency up to 97 percent.
Eaton states that the new UPS produces up to 33 percent less heat without sacrificing reliability and with product manager John Collins says the system “among the lowest TCO in the industry so customers can maximize their return on investment.”
The Power Xpert 9395 has a touchscreen liquid crystal display (LCD) which displays graphical energy data to help data center and facility operators manage better power consumption and costs