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EasySend | Tal Daskal

EasySend : The Fastet Enterprise Digital Transformation Solutions Provider

To overcome these turbulent times, enterprises must go live, as fast as possible. Though, earlier, it was easier said than done. For too long, it seemed that nothing could be done to transform the customer experience and employee experience around customer data collection.

That was the trend until came EasySend, founded by the three financial and tech industry veterans, who experienced first-hand, the adverse effects of clunky paperwork-based processes and decided to do something about it. That is how EasySend was born – a no-code development platform, for building and optimizing digital customer journeys in insurance, banking, and financial services.

The company is led by a young thought leader, Mr Tal Daskal, CEO and Cofounder. In an interview with Insights Success’, for its ‘Top 10 Low-Code/No Code Development Platforms’ edition, Mr Daskal shared with us his amazing insights about the future of no-code digital transformation in general, and about how EasySend is temerging as a leader, in particular. Highlights of the interview are given below for your delight.

Please brief our audience about EasySend, its values, and how it is positioned as a leading player in the software development space.

EasySend is a no-code customer experience platform for building and optimizing digital customer journeys. EasySend helps enterprises go digital by converting paper, PDFs, and manual processes into fully-branded customer journeys for any use case. With the platform, users can design, build, and launch digital customer processes in days, and continually optimize with advanced analytics. The EasySend platform improves the customer experience, cuts operational costs, and drives revenue growth.

If you could make your five-year digital transformation plans, only take three months, what would happen? Your entire business is changed. You can stay ahead of your competition, innovate, create remarkable customer experiences, and harness the power of technology to grow exponentially and generate new revenue streams by serving customers in new ways.

This is the power of EasySend’s no-coding digital platform. EasySend’s impact goes far beyond boosting customer experience and cost-saving; it changes the entire business by allowing organizations to leapfrog into the future.

Elaborate more on the solutions and services that EasySend offers, and how are these making an impact on the industry and your clients?

Our services include:

  • No-code platform-smart tools, custom roles, custom themes
  • AI Builder-turn your PDF into digital consumer journeys
  • Integration- Automate data collection with integrations
  • Analytics- Optimize every step with analytics
  • Co-Browsing- Create that in-person experience
  • EasySign- Signed, sealed, delivered—online!

Our solutions include FNOL templates, auto-claim template etc., in the industries ranging from insurance, real estate, automotive, banking and finance, healthcare and pharma, to retail.

As far as the impact is concerned, we raised over $71.5M in just two years in our series A funding. When you look at other no-code digital journey platforms out there, available tools are an inverse reflection of high-code environments: they either allow customization but at the cost of slow, expensive, complex implementation (still requiring heavy IT support), or are simple to implement but solve only one part of the digital journey, lack flexibility and are difficult to integrate with other systems. We have instinctively stumbled upon an unfilled gap in the market.

We stand out with a different take on what’s possible: we offer self-service, end-to-end digital journey capabilities (from the front-end to the back-end), a simple way to integrate with any platform, tools, or apps, as well as sophisticated data management tools in a simple to use platform, creating a holistic, but user-friendly offering.

The need for flexible, lightweight solutions that business users can own has never been greater. EasySend is a full, agile, and low-friction solution, fitting right in the gap between the “functional, but difficult to implement” and “simple, but limited” tools at the other end of the spectrum.

Please brief us about the featured person(s) journey in the industry, and how they have contributed towards the company’s success.

I handle all the operations at EasySend. I have a first-hand expertise in all aspects related to digital transformation in insurance and banking. I also passionately advocate for the paradigm shift towards no-code application development in the financial sector. During the initial stages of my career while working at one of the largest insurance companies in Israel, I noticed the extent of the problem that paperwork and manual processes create in insurance. To combat this, along with my Co-Founders, Omer Shirazi and Eran Shirazi, I incepted EasySend in 2016.

COVID-19 led to a massive shift in the way people interact with businesses online. EasySend helps enterprises accelerate their five-year digital transformation plans in just three months, making it simple for them to offer exceptional online customer experiences.

Share your opinion on how modern technologies have transformed the low code development solutions niche, and what more could be expected in the near future?

The digital journeys market is at a tipping point. Every department—marketing, sales, service and support, HR, and call centers —is experiencing exponential growth in the number of digital customer-facing touchpoints. At the same time, companies can no longer afford to wait for months on end, before seeing their digital experience projects come to life, as is the case with code-driven IT projects.

But launching digital journeys is only one piece of the puzzle: maintenance is equally (if not more) challenging, especially in the age of fast-moving digital interactions. The sheer amount of digital journeys is quickly snowballing into an unmanageable mess: enterprises today spend a ridiculous amount of time and resources on maintaining and updating digital front-ends.

Analytics is the third essential component. It is not enough to simply launch digital experiences anymore; businesses should be able to measure their pulse, identify points of friction and act accordingly. Only by understanding the end-to-end customer journeys can you boost revenues, reduce costs, and make the experience better for everyone using it.

That is where the emerging no-code digital journey platforms come into play.

The idea is simple: give nontechnical users tools to create customer-facing digital journeys via Drag & Drop interface rather than code, allowing organizations to bring sophisticated digital experiences to life 100x times faster. We are talking about shortening the time to market from 6- 12 months to only 3 weeks.

No-code platforms allow businesses to launch, update and monitor their digital touchpoints easily, without having to dedicate efforts and resources to coding, maintaining, and analyzing hundreds (or thousands) of digital journeys.

Considering the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on global economies, what were the challenges faced by EasySend and how did you pivot from those challenges?

During the COVID19 pandemic, digital capabilities suddenly became the number one priority. Forward-looking insurers, who have already invested into developing stateof-the-art digital customer experiences, are in a relatively good position.

But what should the less digitally mature organizations do? According to our research, an average US insurer still maintains 91 PDF forms on their website. The so-called “digital experiences” for many insurance companies amount to the clunky PDFs, that the customers are required to download from the insurer’s website, fill it in, scan it and then send it back via email.

As back-office employees are working from home, the servicing of clunky and manual processes in a timely manner becomes high but impossible.

Unless you are using a no-code platform. The time-to-value we could demonstrate is so short that the expansion we have been seeing was faster than expected. One of our biggest success stories is the customer who was able to turn around a 5-year project in just 3 months.

What would be your advice to budding entrepreneurs aspiring to venture into the low code development solutions space?

The need for flexible, lightweight solutions that business users can own has never been greater.

The next couple of years are shaping up to be a gamechanger for building customer-facing digital experiences. Today, only 5% use no-code. In 5 years, this number is predicted to hover over 65%.

As more companies are looking to deploy no-code platforms to transform the customer experience, there is a huge potential to grow. As a result, I expect a wave of funding in this space over the next few years.

One of the lessons learned during this year of accelerated growth was that focus is key. Going forward, we will continue to focus on our vision for no-code digital journeys.

How do you envision scaling your company’s operations and offerings in 2022 and beyond?

On November 16, 2021, EasySend announced a $50.5 million Series B funding round led by Oak HC/FT. Existing investors Vertex IL, Intel Capital, and Hanaco Venture also participated in the round. The company also secured $5 million in venture debt from Silicon Valley Bank.

The announcement follows a year of accelerated growth — the company expanded its US revenues by ten-fold. As it supported digital transformation for leading insurance, banks, and credit unions such as Cincinnati Insurance, NJM Insurance Group, PSCU, Sompo, and Petplan. The funding will accelerate EasySend’s growth in the US and other geographic regions, as well as support expansion into new verticals and product use cases.