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East Asia might experience more cyclones than forecast

In September 2021, roughly 20 cyclones are expected to form in the western Pacific Ocean, half of which, according to the prediction, is to hit lands in East Asian countries. Addressing this update, forecasters said of Friday that this will be a busier season than usual.

Tropical cyclones also known as hurricanes and typhoons, can have wind speeds from 63 kph to 250 kph. Moreover, the rain and storm accompanying such huge hurricanes can often devastate coastal regions, which have previously raised havoc and caused damage of over $175 billion across Asia.
This September, according to the weather forecast by the City University of Hong Kong five storms are to hit the lands in East Asia China, Southern China, Taiwan, Vietnam, and the Philippines. This exceeds the 30-year average of 13.5 cyclones in the region from April to September.

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