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E.M.M.A. International: Global Compliance at Your Fingertips

E.M.M.A. International Consulting Group, Inc. is a global leader in management consulting services, with headquarters in Farmington Hills, MI, as well as offices in FL & PA. The company focuses on quality, regulatory, and compliance services for the Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, and Medical Device industries.
The life sciences industry is journeying toward innovative technologies like 3D printing. What was once science fiction, isn’t fiction anymore. There are now more efforts made in preparedness. The patient-centric culture is also evolving. E.M.M.A. International contributes to improvement by remaining involved with organizations on the national front such as MDMA (Medical Device Manufacturers Association).
E.M.M.A. International Consulting Group provides a wide array of specialized services, backed by extensive knowledge and industry experience. E.M.M.A. International Associates are innovative and focused on addressing your needs. They do not merely render advice, outsource their talent, or provide “cookie cutter” solutions, as many consulting firms tend to practice. They do not “leave you hanging” with a process or system that is foreign to your organization and ultimately becomes unworkable. Their mission is to provide significant value to your operations and leave you completely satisfied that your expectations were fulfilled. E.M.M.A. International Associates work within your corporate culture and alongside your employees to do the “heavy lifting” required to make improvements meaningful and permanent.
The Driving Force of E.M.M.A. International
As co-founder of E.M.M.A. International, Dr. Carmine Jabri, serves as E.M.M.A. International’s President and CEO. Dr. Jabri is an experienced Healthcare and Quality Assurance professional with more than twenty years of experience implementing, improving and directing Quality Management Systems and Healthcare Operations.
His career includes expertise in the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Device industries. Dr. Jabri’s extensive knowledge of regulations and guidelines, coupled with his training and facilitation skills, help him lead the team of E.M.M.A. International to help organizations improve their quality management systems, reduce costs, reduce errors, and comply with federal, state, and international standards and regulations. Dr. Jabri is an internationally sought-after quality systems expert.
The team of E.M.M.A. International wanted to create a company that provided a true management consulting experience for the Life Sciences industry.
E.M.M.A. International’s Services
FDA Compliance: Keeping up with the constantly changing regulatory world is a daunting task. As the nation’s leading firm in FDA compliance matters, E.M.M.A. International helps Life Science companies with 483 responses, Warning Letter responses, Remediation strategies, Labelling and website reviews, Audits and gap analyses, Mock FDA inspections, and Regulatory submissions.
Quality Systems: E.M.M.A. International specializes in designing, building and implementing quality systems for organizations of all sizes across the Life Sciences industry. They have expertise with U.S. & international regulatory requirements, as well as a multitude of ISO standards.
Regulatory Affairs: E.M.M.A. International’s focus is to accelerate the regulatory approval process for firms in the Life Sciences industry. Their regulatory affairs services include both pre-approval and post-approval activities.
ISO Certifications: E.M.M.A. International provides the consulting support needed to implement the desired QMS and to attain certifications through 3rd party registrars. They have the in-house expertise in ISO 9001, ISO 17025, ISO 13485, ISO 14971, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, IATF 16949, ISO 15189, and ISO 22000.
Regulatory Reviews: E.M.M.A. International offers a unique service to clients who would like an expert to review their regulatory needs and provide a foundational roadmap for their next steps.
Enterprise Quality Management through ‘QualiPro’
In North America, E.M.M.A. International is the exclusive provider of QualiPro, an enterprise quality management software that is an end-to-end system that ensures compliance with global standards and regulations. QualiPro is offered by E.M.M.A. International through a partnership with Saphir Consult.
Future Roadmap for E.M.M.A. International
It can be expected that in the near future E.M.M.A. International will become an innovative pioneer in the Life Sciences industry. E.M.M.A. International wants to become a think tank in the Life Sciences’ innovative technology space, and further nurture their strategic partnerships and alliances toward shared goals. Ultimately, affecting change on a global level is a goal.
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