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Dynamic DNA Labs

Dynamic DNA Labs: A Specialized and Innovative DNA Testing Platform

Dynamic DNA Labs was established in 2015 as a DNA research and testing facility, headquartered in Springfield, MO (Missouri). The primary goal of the company at the time of establishment was to advance the field of genetics through high-impact research studies, using sophisticated molecular tools and a staff of highly trained & brilliant scientists. This is what Dynamic DNA Labs did, and this is what it continues to do, and just like every growing organization, Dynamic DNA Labs has evolved and adapted to its environment.
Dynamic DNA Labs maintains its passion and engagement in research and literature publication, however its focus has shifted to more of a direct-to-consumer, health and wellness centered brand. In addition to research, the company offers a variety of DNA testing products that aim to help individuals discover themselves by exploring their genetic code and using it to their advantage. The mission and goal of Dynamic DNA is to promote positive change in people’s lives, one sequence at a time, ultimately leading to a healthier, happier and more productive society.
Unique Amenities
Dynamic DNA Labs provides unique services. As it is a research lab and a DNA testing lab as well, Dynamic DNA Labs conducts all of its testing in-house, and does not outsource any of its work. It promises and assures that it will never sell or distribute its customers’ data in any situation.
In addition to its research solutions and capabilities including DNA sequencing, gene expression, contamination studies, epigenetic analysis, fluorescent and electron microscopy, microbial identification etc., Dynamic DNA Labs offers a wide range of direct-to-consumer genetic testing products including:
Personalized Medicine Reporting: Personalized Medicine (also known as Pharmacogenomics or “PGx”) utilizes genetic analysis to determine how a person will react to different medications. This medical DNA testing virtually eliminates the possibility of adverse drug reactions, eliminating the trial-and-error approach to selecting an effective medication and decreasing the risk of life threatening side effects.
DNA Nutrition Panel: The nutrition DNA test will help to discover optimal diet type for weight loss; reactions to gluten, caffeine, alcohol, and lactose; predispositions for metabolic rate, cholesterol & blood sugar; and determine nutritional needs for vitamins & folate.
DNA Fitness Panel: The fitness DNA test will help to discover the best exercise program for weight loss; key traits for muscle energy, recovery, and fatigue; insulin and body fat response to exercise; and traits for aerobic capacity, nitric oxide & vascular function.
DNA Skin Panel: The skin DNA panel helps you optimize your skin care routine with targeted treatments, maintain healthier skin with lifestyle and dietary improvements, treat skin conditions to which one is genetically susceptible, and correct nutritional deficiencies that impact skin health.
Ancestry Testing: Ancestry DNA testing offers an unprecedented window into the past, allowing an individual to uncover his/her heritage in a way that no traditional research method can compare. Whether the one is just starting to investigate his/her heritage, or are a seasoned genealogist, these DNA findings open a door to his/her family history.
Paternity and Familial Testing: Paternity testing can be done by using the Human Identification (HID) process. HID technology provides the capability of determining a wide-range of human relationships. This includes paternity testing, siblingship testing, unknown sample identification, and infidelity testing. People no longer have to allow nagging questions to linger in their mind. With this technology and scientific experts, one can get the needed answers.
DNA Portraits/Artwork: There are many ways to depict family and no better way to display interconnectedness and preserve individuality than by creating a family DNA portrait. Being able to compare the genes that are shared between parent and child on a canvas displays an insightful glimpse into the biology of someone’s family.
A Highly Decorated Leader
Austin O’Reilly, Founder & Scientist of Dynamic DNA Labs, received his master’s degree in Molecular Biology with an emphasis in genetics from Texas Christian University in 2010 and then moved on to work in a crime laboratory in south Florida as a DNA Analyst. His job was to analyze DNA evidence from crime scenes, compare the profiles to suspect samples, and testify as an expert witness in criminal court as to his findings. He moved back to his hometown of Springfield, MO, to take a Research Scientist position for the Center for Biomedical and Life Sciences at Missouri State University, primarily focusing on neurological cell changes in response to various drugs and stimuli. His passion for research and discovery is rooted deeply in the foundation of Dynamic DNA Labs and is very evident today in the ongoing research projects and literature publications they continue to pursue.
O’Reilly said, “The future of preventative healthcare is in advanced molecular testing. Our goal is to promote positive change in lives around the world by utilizing cutting-edge DNA technology”.
As an active adventurer, athlete and scientist, combined with years of research and self-bio-hacking, O’Reilly’s vision for expanding into the DNA testing world came from the firsthand recognition that no two people are alike. There was a massive undertaking of genome-wide association studies, also known as whole genome association study (WGA study, or WGAS), which are observational studies of a genome-wide set of genetic variants in different individuals to see if any variant is associated with a trait, which to this day are still shedding light on the million dollar question of “what makes each of us unique?” It’s been a slow process, but Dynamic DNA Labs is now armed with the necessary data to connect genotype to phenotype. This understanding allows O’Reilly to make significant contributions in a range of areas including medication response, nutrition, fitness, ancestry, personality, skin care, and many others.
Hurdles in the Journey
The biggest challenge Dynamic DNA Labs faces is conveying the utility and value of DNA testing. The company believes that skeptics are quick to say that the results are not accurate or that the research is not quite there yet, but in response to both of those criticisms: (1) The testing it provides is proven to be more than 99% accurate; and (2) The literature it uses to draw its conclusion is based on years of scientific research and peer-reviewed journal articles that have been accepted into the scientific community as knowledge.
Another challenge that comes in front of Dynamic DNA Labs is the cost of the test. Dynamic DNA Labs is very competitively priced in the industry; the average price for its testing panels is $149. When it comes to providing tests for corporations and wellness programs, it’s important that it offers an affordable and discounted package, fully acknowledging the fact that not everyone has that level of expendable income. For this reason, Dynamic DNA Labs incentivizes corporate wellness use by extending a significant discount to employees of the corporations it has partnered with. The end goal is getting to the point where corporate executives fully understand the economic and productive value that DNA testing can have for their company and workforce, realizing that value, and subsequently offering to cover a portion or all of the testing cost for their employees.
O’Reilly states, “I think we’re a number of years away from those latter scenarios, but the good news is that more and more research is being done every day into the utility and value of the testing, which will in time turn the tide towards a more wellness-centric corporate world. It’s all about creating awareness and continuing to share the countless success stories we get to hear so often. We are getting there!”
Contribution in the Corporate Universe
Dynamic DNA Labs is offering its health-centric DNA panels to large corporations as a part of a Corporate Wellness initiative. Specifically, the DNA Nutrition Test, DNA Fitness Test and Personalized Medicine Reporting are the three panels, as per the company, are most useful for promoting a healthy, happy and productive workplace environment. With a vast amount of research and literature supporting the information in their reports, the team of Dynamic DNA Labs is confident that these products truly unlock a knowledge base which is crucial for employees to operate at their maximum potential. The downstream effects for a company are widespread and extremely positive, ranging from reduced healthcare costs to increased productivity and happiness. There have been several studies that show the value of implementing DNA testing in the corporate wellness space, with one study showing a reduction in employer healthcare costs by $122 per employee, per month, as well as decreased levels of triglycerides.
Dynamic DNA Labs offers complimentary consultations to review the reports with its clients, ongoing support after the test is complete, and follow up recommendations on the frequently asked question of, “What to do next?”
Customer’s Evaluations
“At first, I was unsure what to expect with my Fitness and Nutrition DNA testing. As someone who struggles to be motivated to exercise as well as eating well balanced, the more guidance I have to a healthy lifestyle is a great motivator to me. The process was quite simple, and I was able to get my test results quicker then they stated. The real highlight of this company is in the results. It is not a simple 8 page report. For my two tests, I received over 50 pages of data to live a healthier lifestyle based on my DNA. All of a sudden, my current diet of low-carb was not what my DNA says I should be…I should focus on low-fat. I have been working on cardio, but my DNA is responsive to HIIT training. After one month, by changing my nutrition as well as my exercise schedule, I have been able to lose 8 pounds. I was very happy with my investment as I am not trying to see what works for me; I know better what should work for me.” – Jennifer Colwell, Springfield, MO
“When I think of companies that are innovative and at the leading edge of their industry, Dynamic DNA Labs is at the top of my list which is a very forward thinking organization that has a bright future. Keep up the great work!” – Chase Banta, Springfield, MO
“I’d like to thank everyone at Dynamic DNA Labs for helping add to the quality of life for my nephew and his family. My nephew was born with CP and Autism…and after years of being treated with various combinations of medications with little or no “good” effects we reached out to Dynamic DNA Labs for help. The research with regard to how the human body reacts positively or negatively to medications or combinations of medications helped relieve our nephew’s sometimes over animated mood swings. The researchers worked with his doctors to determine which medications his body could process and which ones he could not. The result is a night and day difference in his and his families’ quality of life. We cannot thank them enough.” – Pete Maxwell, Denver, CO
“Amazing information about your individual characteristic and traits… especially the Medicine Panel, which tells you which medicines work for you and which don’t, as well as dosages for your DNA type. It provides tons of interesting and useful info in the Fitness and Nutrition panel reports. It’s totally simple too!! Very service minded lab and not hard to do, plus its permanent information you can use forever.” – Tricia Headley, St. Louis, MO