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DX Solutions: Delivering Innovation that Enhances Capability

In the recent past, traditional networking has been a trend and traditional networking vendors have dominated the networking segment since many years. But now are embracing the growing networking hardware and software disaggregation paradigm. , with the advancement of technology more and more or As a result, the telecom ganizations industry is now under immense pressure to go with the trend while at the same time outshine others. One such company which was able to hit the metal when it was hot is DX Solutions. It is a forerunner in the telecom industry which is currently in the unique position of providing specialized telecom services to the Australian market, which covers IT through the core network.
Meet the Dynamic Team of DX Solutions 
DX Solutions was co-founded by Peter Yialas and Jason Peters in 2006. This dynamic duo met while working on a software testing project at SingTel Optus. Peter had built up a team of professionals to integrate, test and deploy the first program to drive the deregulation of the Telecommunication’s industry in Australia where Optus implemented their DSLAM equipment in the Telstra exchanges and were the first to own and operate their own customer service which was not just a sub-lease.
According to Peter, they teamed up after identifying a gap in the market where one can find a more effective and feasible way to test multi-vendor system environments, and at the same time remain vendor agnostic. They recognized a market requirement for niche professional services in software testing and set out to provide end-to-end business outcomes for both customer and enterprise system integration.
Peter and Jason then went on a tech voyage to gain deeper industry experience in telecommunications sector, and to become an inevitable part of the top “Telecom Transformation” in Australia. During this journey they met Mark Greenwood at Telstra and Karl Wood at Optus. Now, all four are all equity partners in the business; Mark holds a Director Title and Karl Wood as CTO, Mark brings in Professional Services while Karl brings in strong technology and partnerships to DX Solutions. Matt Schulz heads up Telco for Dx Solutions.
Outshining the Competitors 
Being different is DX Solutions’ forte, as a result of which they all went on to complete all Network upgrade projects at Vodafone including the full 4G roll out and another two Business IT transformations at Optus. In Australia DX Solutions is also the sole reason for the release of Australian Federal Government emergency warning system and Prime Ministers cloud in Canberra.
DX Solutions specializes in multivendor integration with partners such as Ericsson, Nokia Networks, Alcatel Lucent, Huawei, CISCO and more. Even though the company has extended to aviation, banking and finance, Telecommunications remains the heartbeat of the company.
In 2016 DX Solution also became the Platinum ANZ partner for Verizon Global and are now specializing in all levels of security for products and services.
Awards and Accolades 
DX Solutions has also celebrated many achievements over the past years:

  • BRW fast 100 company 2014 and 2015
  • CEO Magazine top four finalist 2016
  • APAC 25 top cyber company’s 2017
  • Top 10 Telecom companies 2018

Marching towards a Bright Future The business shows no signs of slowing down, with plenty of future plans in the works, including expanding DX Solutions’ “Vantage” methodology, which challenges the basis of the SDLC by increasing coverage and reducing errors and cost. Also, this year DX Solutions will be launching its newest product to market, “Rubx is an integrated, connected and secure cloud management platform. Rubx aligns technology, processors and people towards a customer-centric cloud operating model, which is easy to consume via a monthly pay as you go charge,” says Peter. “This will allow your business to focus on customer products and enable them compete with modern day, ‘born in the cloud’ disruptors.” He adds that his ultimate goal is for DX to become “not only a systems integrator but a solutions aggregator, the first in Australia”. All this is enabled by their ever performing team of people who work tirelessly to make success a habit.
Mission: To provide our customers and partners with strategic products and services aligned to their business outcomes. 
Vision: To build a robust ict company that is known for its market leading management team, people and products. 
To enable our people to achieve the highest possible level in their professional lives, whilst committing to have them operating in a safe working environment. 
To establish and commit growth and longevity in all our initiatives, stabilizing the company and enabling our 2022 roadmap. 
To increase our strategic partnership and introduce market leading solutions and services to our customers. 
To lead with example and form a bond with our team, customers and partners alike. 

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