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DTL Sourcing: Redefining the Sourcing Industry with Best-in-class Services

China has emerged as a manufacturing hub of the world. Since a couple of decades, the country is continuously maintaining its position as a ‘global factory’. Mass production has allowed the country to produce goods at minimum cost. As a result, global companies prefer sourcing their products from China.

However, there are many challenges in sourcing products from China. It requires proper knowledge about the market as well as local rules and regulations for sourcing. Hence, these companies require a bridge to fulfill their needs.

DTL Sourcing, a well-known import-export company eased this problem with its quality sourcing services. DTL Sourcing provides global companies a trustworthy platform for sourcing diverse products ranging from consumer goods to electronic equipment.

Setting Benchmarks of Excellence

DTL Sourcing is a leading sourcing company based in Hong Kong. Leveraging a deep network of 500+ trusted manufacturers in China, it provides companies across the world with a trustworthy channel for their sourcing needs.

DTL Sourcing has partnered with 100+ companies across several countries in Europe, America, and the Asia Pacific region to help them access the vast products being produced in China. The company has served over 800+ sourcing orders.

The company helps its clients to overcome the challenges of working across different business cultures, languages, and time zones. It makes sourcing transactions easier by handling everything for clients, may it be consumer goods, electronics, technology, or industrial goods.

DTL delivers quality goods from China’s factories to customers’ doorsteps safely, efficiently, and at highly competitive prices. Many companies align with the sourcing services of DTL, and their bottom-line value is proof of excellence for DTL Sourcing.

Delivering Quality Services

There are many difficulties in fulfilling sourcing needs in another country or region. DTL sourcing experienced these challenges whilst working for European companies who were trying to access the vast number of products being produced out of China. This hands-on working experience and knowledge about the nuances of the respective field led to the inception of DTL Sourcing.

DTL’s network of 500+ suppliers with a range of brands means it can provide customers with many options so they can find the product that best suits their requirements. The company believes that product specification is an important matter when someone is investing in something.

Inspiring Leadership

Flavien Serra is the Founder and Director of DTL Sourcing. He is a specialist in International Business & Management and excels in the areas of negotiation and supply chain. Originally, he is from France but having lived overseas for more than 13 years now, he considers himself an expat. He has 13 years of experience in Asia and 15 years of International Trading.

Flavien believes that modern technology such as the Internet facilitates the sourcing industry greatly for one main reason: It gives access to many factories or suppliers. However, it is not easy to distinguish serious/reliable producers from frauds/scams that’s why the internet user must be very careful when contacting companies found online.

“What more to expect? we can imagine, through VR, a total immersion inside the factories/through better translators, and better communication with the Chinese companies. In terms of currency, we can imagine cryptocurrencies can help speed up the financial transactions and lower their costs,” said Flavien.

Advising the budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the sourcing industry, Flavien said, “Before trying to start a business instantly, build your vision of what the company should be in the years to come. Setting realistic goals and milestones is a major component of building long-term success. Also, you can focus on one industry or certain types of products first before you want to penetrate the market.”

Overcoming Adversities

During COVID-19, company representatives from parent companies could not travel to check their supply chain status or source for raw materials due to travel restrictions. This came with some challenges for most companies. First, they could not ascertain the quality of the OEM parts as they used to before travel restrictions were put in place.

Second, they experienced difficulties coordinating supply dates and other information required to get items ready on time. Shipping was also delayed due to extra protocols, either leading to delays or forcing companies to cancel some orders.

But DTL Sourcing has a dedicated team in China to locate sources of products at the quality and budget required by the importing entity, which helps to ascertain the product quality and delivery times to issues like packing and branding. The agent provides companies with an accurate picture of what is happening in those factories in China to enable them to adjust delivery times and terms.

DTL Sourcing’s China-based team has access to the factories and can act as the representative of the firm until and after travel has been allowed. It helps to prevent disruption of the supply chain while ensuring that the parent firm gets good in the right quality, quantity, and on time.

Beyond the Horizon

DTL Sourcing is planning to expand its product line and provide more value-added services to the clients, as well as identify more promising clients by scaling up its digital marketing campaign. Also, the American market will be the key focus for the company. Hence, it is planning to develop its sales team and open an office there.